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New Early Morning Magic at Walt Disney World!

disneyearlymorningmagicA short while ago I told you about a new nighttime event offering at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  Well, now I’m announcing that there is also a new early morning event at the Magic Kingdom, too!  And this is the one that I am personally SUPER excited for!  Since I’m an early bird and not a night owl, I do believe that this could be the perfect option for someone like me.  Of course, I know you’ll want to know all about it, so let’s dive in to all the magical details: Continue reading New Early Morning Magic at Walt Disney World!

Dispelling Some Walt Disney World Myths!

Set Up BoothWhat are the beliefs that hold you back from planning a Disney destination vacation? I may be able to fact check them for you. As a travel agent specializing in Disney destinations, I spend a lot of my time promoting myself, my business, and, of course, my love of all things Disney.  One way I do this is by setting up a booth at local craft fairs, vendor shows, etc. I absolutely LOVE doing this because I get to meet new people in my own area and discover a love of Disney in lots of folks that I already knew.  But, at each and every show, I hear many of the same things in regard to Disney World and why someone WOULDN’T go.  Now, if you truly aren’t a “Disney person”–don’t like magical fun, or whatever–then so be it.  It seems a sad way to live if you ask me, but I can accept that.  But if your reasons don’t, in reality, hold water, then I want to be the one to help dispel those thoughts and open up a whole new world of possibilities for you.  I seem to have the same 2 pop up over and over again, so those are the 2 will focus on.  Let’s hop right to it, shall we? Continue reading Dispelling Some Walt Disney World Myths!

Great Reasons To Plan Your 2016 Disney Vacation Right Now!

WonderHappensHereA short time ago Disney released their new campaign, ‘Unforgettable Happens Here’.  Throughout the coming year you’re going to see this an lots of variations of it including ‘Wonder Happens Here’, ‘Togetherness Happens Here’, ‘Magic Happens Here’, and many more.  I’m so excited about this new campaign because it embodies the magic of the Disney parks that I share with my friends and family every day.  And with the coming of 2016, there are so many things that will insure that Unforgettable, Wonder, Togetherness, and Magic happens during your next trip to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, or Aulani.

If you’re vacation plans include a trip to Walt Disney World Resort in the coming year, Jungle Cruise Nav Cothere’s lots of wonderful and unforgettable ways to make some magic happen.  At Animal Kingdom Park, you’ll find Avatar Land being created right in front of your eyes.  This area is going to bring the magic of Avatar to life with official opening slated for 2017,  but parts of it could begin to open sooner.   At Disney’s Hollywood Studios there’s going to be out of this world style magic with the addition of Star Wars Land.  You’ll see parts of this opening in the coming year as well as into 2017 and beyond. Continue reading Great Reasons To Plan Your 2016 Disney Vacation Right Now!

24 Hours of Disney Magic!

24 hr eventAre you a HUGE Disney fan like me?  Of course you are!  So why not show your Disney side in a big way by spending 24 hours at Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort?  Yes, you read that right.  You can play all day and all night at Disney parks during these extra magical events.  Want to know more?  Then let’s get right to it! Continue reading 24 Hours of Disney Magic!

Halloween Gets More Sinister At Walt Disney World

VillainsIf you’re like me and love visiting Walt Disney World Resort during the fall to enjoy all the Halloween festivities, then you’re going to love the villainous new addition to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.   As an additional ticketed event, you can now enjoy the wicked fun of the Villians Sinister Soiree in the Magic Kingdom.  This event coincides with all scheduled Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party dates and will include: Continue reading Halloween Gets More Sinister At Walt Disney World

MagicBands For Sale to Disney World Day Guests!

The convenience of MagicBands

Now here’s some news we’ve been waiting for! The popular MagicBands are now available for purchase by Disney Day Guests! Yes, now everyone has the opportunity to use these easy and convenient tools on their Walt Disney World vacation.

Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests and Annual Passholders already receive complimentary MagicBands. Day Guests now have the option to purchase a MagicBand in addition their RF-enabled theme park ticket. Continue reading MagicBands For Sale to Disney World Day Guests!

Running With The Mouse At Walt Disney World!

Marathon5-jpgQuick quiz:  When is it a GOOD thing to be told you run like a girl??  Answer:  When you’re running at Walt Disney World!  Why?  Because that means you’re a princess running in one of Walt Disney World’s awesome events.  And boys, don’t worry.  Prince Charming is ALWAYS a must to have around when princesses are filling the parks!  And, of course, Mickey will be on hand to share in the fun with his own sweetie, Minnie.

So now you’re probably wondering, “What are these special events, when do they happen, and how can my family and I be a part of them?”  Well, that’s what I’m here for.  I’m giving you all the answers to these questions so you can get ready to do some running in the magic of Walt Disney World. Continue reading Running With The Mouse At Walt Disney World!


disney shopWhen it comes to naming the things that I love, of course, I start with my husband and my kids.  Two things that run very close to the top are shopping and Disney.  What better than to combined the two?

Disney offers some great retail therapy!  From the parks, to resorts to DownTown Disney, it is a virtual shopaholic paradise. Continue reading I LOVE TO SHOP, ESPECIALLY DISNEY STYLE!


Harmony Barber Shop Magic Kingdom Disney WorldOver the past few months, I’ve told you about all of the great tours that Disney World offers throughout the parks.  Now, I want to share with you, some special experiences that will add to your magic.

For a special treat, save that “vacation haircut” for the trip.  You can call ahead and reserve a trim at the Harmony Barbershop on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.  Step back in time and have a seat in the comfy barber chair.  If you schedule the time just right, you may even catch some of the Share a Dream Come True parade from the shop.  Harmony Barber shop offers special “first haircut” packages.  It makes a great memory! Continue reading DISNEY WORLD SPECIAL EXPERIENCES

Hidden Gem Of Disney World: INNOVENTIONS

I’ve been blessed to have taken a lot of trips to Walt Disney World throughout my lifetime.  And I know there are many more to come.  Throughout my adventures, I’ve learned that some of the best tings about Walt Disney World are not the things you hear about all the time.  They aren’t the top ten things you see on television (though those are pretty awesome, too!).  They are the more obscure, lesser acknowledged things throughout the world.  There’s a long list of them, but for today’s discussion, I’m going to focus on just one:  INNOVENTIONS in EPCOT. Continue reading Hidden Gem Of Disney World: INNOVENTIONS