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New and Exciting Disney Updates!

Disney parks are always expanding to enhance the magic for families of all sizes.  Well, they are at it again!  Here are some of the exciting updates to come in the near future:

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, Disney Imagineers dreamed about bringing Star Wars to the parks.  This is now becoming a reality.  Star Wars, Galaxy’s Edge, will be opening in Disneyland and Walt Disney World in 2019.  The lands are set in a remote trading port on the edge of wild space.  You’ll find yourself in the middle of the action either piloting the Millennium Falcon or riding aboard the Star Destroyer.  And what would Star Wars be without a local cantina?  Here they’ll be serving up unique drink concoctions including blue milk! Continue reading New and Exciting Disney Updates!

Disney Cruise Line 2018 Itineraries!

It’s never too early to start planning a cruise, right?  That’s especially true with a  Disney Cruise.  Disney has become so popular with cruisers that the cabins book several months dcand even years in advance.  Believe it or not, the itinerary for early 2018 have already been released!  So, start planning your DREAM and get ready to set sail for exciting cruises to incredible ports!
Continue reading Disney Cruise Line 2018 Itineraries!

Why You Need A Disney Specializing Travel Agent

keep-calm-and-call-your-disney-vacation-plannerThe question has been brought up to me lots and lots of times through my years as a Disney Specializing Travel Agent:  With everything available online, why would I need a travel agent?  And, to be honest, I can completely understand that question and why it would be asked when we live in a world where infinite information is available right at your fingertips.  But there are some things you just can’t get online.  One of the biggest of those is experience.  Truly, it’s very hard to plan something as entailed as a Disney vacation without experience.  The basics may be there, but all the details that can and will make your vacation truly magical will be lacking.  Do you remember that old book with the line in it that goes, ‘lions and tigers and bears, oh my!’?  Well in the world of Disney vacation planning, it’s more like, ‘dining and magic bands and fastpasses, oh my!’.  And that’s only the tip of the Disney iceberg! Continue reading Why You Need A Disney Specializing Travel Agent

Preparing The Fleets For Cruising in 2016

port-canaveral-florida-454x263Being a Travel Pixie at Our Laughing Place Travel, I get asked the question “Is Disney all that you sell?”.  The answer to that questions is no.  We actually sell all sorts of travel, including all cruise lines.  While we do specialize in Disney travel, our goal is always to provide the best concierge service for any vacation. Continue reading Preparing The Fleets For Cruising in 2016

Great Reasons To Plan Your 2016 Disney Vacation Right Now!

WonderHappensHereA short time ago Disney released their new campaign, ‘Unforgettable Happens Here’.  Throughout the coming year you’re going to see this an lots of variations of it including ‘Wonder Happens Here’, ‘Togetherness Happens Here’, ‘Magic Happens Here’, and many more.  I’m so excited about this new campaign because it embodies the magic of the Disney parks that I share with my friends and family every day.  And with the coming of 2016, there are so many things that will insure that Unforgettable, Wonder, Togetherness, and Magic happens during your next trip to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, or Aulani.

If you’re vacation plans include a trip to Walt Disney World Resort in the coming year, Jungle Cruise Nav Cothere’s lots of wonderful and unforgettable ways to make some magic happen.  At Animal Kingdom Park, you’ll find Avatar Land being created right in front of your eyes.  This area is going to bring the magic of Avatar to life with official opening slated for 2017,  but parts of it could begin to open sooner.   At Disney’s Hollywood Studios there’s going to be out of this world style magic with the addition of Star Wars Land.  You’ll see parts of this opening in the coming year as well as into 2017 and beyond. Continue reading Great Reasons To Plan Your 2016 Disney Vacation Right Now!

Discount Enticements Galore At Disney Destinations!

Destination DisneyLet’s face it, if you’re reading this, you probably love all things Disney, right?  And how better to feed that love than to visit a Disney destination?  As we all know, Disney provides us with lots of choices when it comes to Disney destinations.  Maybe you have a favorite that you return to over and over.  Or maybe you want to try all the different ‘flavors’ of Disney by visiting new venues.  Whatever your choice is, Disney has discounts available right now to help you enjoy the magic for less money.  And money saved on the package means more money for Mickey bars or turkey legs, right??  So let’s dive right in to the array of discounts awaiting you: Continue reading Discount Enticements Galore At Disney Destinations!

MyMagic+ Coming To Disney Cruise Line!

dclIn true Disney fashion, changes are coming to Disney Cruise Line.  And in even MORE true Disney fashion, they’re really exciting!  With the successes of MyMagicPlus including MagicBands and the positive feedback from guests about them, Disney is now making plans to add MyMagic+ including MagicBands to their Disney Cruise Line fleet.

A full release date has not been released yet, though they have been doing beta testing in recent months and guests have been very happy with the convenience and ease of the MagicBands.  Since it will take a lot of time to install readers and change the logistics on all the ships, I don’t look for a full release across the entire DCL fleet until sometime after 2015.

DCL MagicBandYou may be wondering how this will all work since DCL is so different from Walt Disney World.  There are a couple of ways that the MagicBands will be really helpful.  Continue reading MyMagic+ Coming To Disney Cruise Line!

What’s Old is New Again! New Fall 2015 Disney Cruise Line Itineraries

DCL2015We’re thrilled to share exciting news with you! In fall 2015, Disney Cruise Line is returning to popular destinations and home ports for limited-time engagements. Two Hawai’i cruises, a return to the West Coast with departures from San Diego and a Galveston homecoming make up a season of special sailings. Continue reading What’s Old is New Again! New Fall 2015 Disney Cruise Line Itineraries

Disney Cruise Line 2015 Summer Itineraries Are AMAZING!

FrozenSo just when you think Disney Cruise Line has a cruise for just about anywhere in the world you want to visit, they go and add even MORE amazing destinations.  And these new itineraries are nothing short of spectacular.  So come along with me while I give you a cyber tour of the new cruises available for summer 2015.

Our first stop is the Norwegian Fjords.  With the release of Disney’s Frozen, it’s natural that Norway would be added into the Disney Cruise Line itineraries.  With 7 night, 9 night, and 11 night cruises available, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your vacation dreams to come true.  You’ll explore the splendor of Norway with exciting new ports as well as learn about Viking history.  You can even visit Iceland on the 11 night cruise!  The charm of Norway will steal your heart and live in your memory forever.DCL Norway

Next on our cyber tour is Northern Europe.  Board the Disney Magic and sail the Baltic Sea.  You’ll explore the diverse cultures of Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and St. Petersburg.  Plus there’ll be lots of magic and surprises along the way.  These cruises are available in 7 night and 12 night options.  You’ll see this part of the world in a way only Disney can show you.

Here are the specifics: Continue reading Disney Cruise Line 2015 Summer Itineraries Are AMAZING!