If you’ve visited Disney World over the past few years, you have been able to use the n Disney fp boxew  Fastpass+ System.  The old “slide your card and print your ticket” systems are of days past.  The new system allows you to “reserve” your Fastpasses before your trip.

With the original Fastpass+ system, guests were allowed to pick 3 passes per day.  Each person in the party had to have the same choices.  If you had a small child with you, they had to have a fastpass for all of those giant mountains, and might miss out on dumboDumbo the Flying Elephant.  Although the choices were really good and there were several available times, you could only pick attractions from the same park on any given day.  If you wanted to visit more than one park in a day, you couldn’t split Fastpasses between parks.

Now Disney has enhanced this experience!  They are still allowing up to  three passes each day,  BUT you do not need to pick all three in advance.  Even better,  each person in the party will be able to chose their own, individual, passes.  This will be great for those multi-generational families.  Grandma doesn’t always want to ride Rock n Roller Coaster!  Another great perk, you can rock n rollerreserve more than one park a day.  This is great for people like me!  I love to park  hop.   I can ride the Seven Dwarfs ride in the morning and The Great Movie Ride in the evening.

In my opinion, the best upgrade comes after you use the first Fastpass “wish”.  You can jump right on your My Disney Experience  app and pick another!  Yep, that’s right.  You can pick another pass immediately after you use one, mde appright on your app.  Hurray!

Disney just keeps improving their systems making travel more convenient for everyone.  When you can skip the long line and go right to the front, that makes everyone smile.

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