Disneyland Resort Attractions That You Can’t Find At Walt Disney World

DL Train StationA while back I wrote a blog about the Walt Disney World attractions you won’t find in Disneyland.  Well, I can’t just leave it there without giving you a chance to know about some attractions in Disneyland that cannot be found in Walt Disney World.  While both parks have many similarities, both also offer guests many special things, too.  So let’s head on over to Disneyland to check out some of their special things.DL Elias Disney Sign

For me, the single most important thing that makes Disneyland different from WDW is that Disneyland was built with Walt Disney’s personal touch.  He played in intricate roll in Disneyland’s production from start to finish.  As you walk down Main Street USA you cannot help but see and feel all the ways that Walt put his personal touch on everything.  Knowing that 60 years ago Walt walked the very streets you are walking on now makes it all seem even more magical.

carsland2Another HUGE thing Disneyland Resort has the WDW doesn’t is Cars Land!  Found at Disney’s California Adventure, you’ll be transported to Radiator Springs the moment you step in to the fun filled land.  And while you’re at DCA, be sure not to miss Mickey’s Fun Wheel.  This ‘wonder wheel’ is one of only two in the US.  The other being the original 1920 Wonder Mickey's Fun WheelWheel at Coney Island in New York.  And what, you may ask, makes it a ‘wonder wheel’ and not just a ferris wheel?  Well, the gondolas have two options:  you can either remain stationary or you can get a little wild and choose to let them swing.  At that point, it goes from a mild to a wild ride.  And nope, you will NOT find a single ferris wheel (wonder wheel or not) at WDW.

Back in Disneyland Park, you’ll find several very special attractions.  One is the Casey Jr Circus Train.  An original 1955 attraction, this embodies the spirit that Walt himself Mr Toadwanted to create.  You’ll also find Mickey’s Toontown is still a thriving community in Disneyland.  Be sure to swing by Mickey and Minnie’s houses and say hello while you’re there.  And don’t forget Mr Toad’s Wild Ride.  As another original 1955 ride, this zippy ride will be sure to make you giggle as you travel through the world of Mr Toad.  Whatever you do, don’t miss the Matterhorn Bobsleds. This fun and classic roller coaster style ride will leave you wanting to ride it again and again.

While I mentioned some of it’s attractions previously, Disney’s California Adventure Park dcastatueis special, too.  There’s nothing like it anywhere in WDW.  Divided into fun lands (Cars Land, Condor Flats, Grizzly Peak, Paradise Pier, Pacific Warf, ‘a bug’s land’, and Hollywood Land), this park is filled with fun around every corner.  From fun streetmosphere to roller coasters, you’ll be sure to have a smile from ear to ear during your visit.

I could go on and on about the many things that make Disneyland Resort very special and very different from WDW Resort.  But really, the best way to explore all the differences is to visit each one and see them for yourself.  So what are you waiting for??  Get packing!