Animal Kingdom Lion King Show Moving

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme ParkDisney made it official this week.  Walt Disney World’s newest theme park is going to be improved.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park will see changes in 2014.  The Festival of the Lion King at the theme park is getting a new home.   The area where the Festival of the Lion King is currently run is going to be the beginning of Avatar Land.  Camp Minnie Mickey will cease to exist.  Of course, we know that the area has been sitting for a long time waiting for something.  It was a fun area to visit with characters, but seemed to be wasted space.  The crowd flow was pretty awful there at times.  It would get very congested when the Festival of the Lion King show let out.  Disney will be changing all of that.

Animal Kingdom ~ Lion King Moves to Africa

Animal Kingdom Lion King ShowAll the rumors we heard are now becoming facts.  The Festival of the Lion King will be moving to the Africa area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.  This truly makes sense to me.  A new theater will be built for the wonderful Broadway style show.  In fact construction of the theater has already begun.  It will be located near Harambe Village in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom.  Disney is going to build a walkway from the Tusker House Restaurant to the theater.

Animal Kingdom Renovations ~ Timing

Animal Kingdom World of Avatar Rumor about Animal Kingdom Theme ParkThe news is official now.  Disney has already started building the theater.  The Festival of the Lion King will stay right where it is until the theater is completed.  Disney has not announced a firm date for the move.  They have confirmed that the new theater will be completed sometime in 2014.  I am guessing it will be later in the year.  Time will tell.  Once the Festival of the Lion King has moved work will probably start on Avatar Land.  No formal announcements have been made about those plans.  Disney has said that Avatar Land is being imagined now.

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  1. I love the flow of Disney’s imagineers lately. Disney is going theme park by theme park and making improvements. In particular I am happy to see crowd flow being adjusted.

  2. Excellent point, Francine… traffic flow in the Animal Kingdom especially is a work in progress, and it’s great news to see enhancing the guest experience in this regard.

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