Paradise Pier Hotel – Disneyland Resort

What a nice view from this hotel.   I was very impressed with Paradise Pier.  Being known as the less expensive of the 3 Disneyland Hotels, you can not go wrong with this hotel.  The location is right across the street from the Grand Californian Hotel so it’s a quick walk to Downtown Disney and California Adventure


The rooms are inviting and spacious.  There is a nice couch, a small refrigerator and a nice desk area.

I do have to say my favorite part of this hotel though is the view.

One thought on “Paradise Pier Hotel – Disneyland Resort”

  1. That view looks fantastic! Certainly, for the price range, Paradise Pier is a great spot and keeps you within Disneyland. It may be small, compared to Walt Disney World, but there is a wonderful intimate immersive feeling within the property there.

    There is a great view of Disneyland fireworks from the roof there, too.

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