You Want Disney Reviews? We Have Them!

Disney Destinations, Walt Disney World, Disney World, DisneylandSome time ago, Alan and I asked ourselves if people might like to read more than just our glowing reviews about all things Disney at Our Laughing Place. We thought that, perhaps, our fellow Disney travelers might enjoy reading what other fellow Disney travelers had to say about their adventures at Disney Destinations.  I mean…  what an innovative thought, right?

So we put our Mouse Ears together and developed a program where anyone who visited our website,, or purchased one of our iPhone Apps could submit a review to share with all of our DisneyKin.  Every attraction, every park, every restaurant and cruise destination..  as well as all of the planning articles, reviews and our very own Our Laughing Place Travel service are available for review.

Of course, Alan and I still write Disney reviews, too.  What we really enjoy, though, is reading what all you have to say; >)  Come on over and join us at at Disney Traveler Reviews

One thought on “You Want Disney Reviews? We Have Them!”

  1. I love the reviews at OLP! It is a great thing to be able to read about other people’s viewpoints to help make an educated decision about travel plans.

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