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You Want Disney Reviews? We Have Them!

Disney Destinations, Walt Disney World, Disney World, DisneylandSome time ago, Alan and I asked ourselves if people might like to read more than just our glowing reviews about all things Disney at Our Laughing Place. We thought that, perhaps, our fellow Disney travelers might enjoy reading what other fellow Disney travelers had to say about their adventures at Disney Destinations.  I mean…  what an innovative thought, right?

So we put our Mouse Ears together and developed a program where anyone who visited our website, www.ourlaugingplace.com, or purchased one of our iPhone Apps could submit a review to share with all of our DisneyKin.  Every attraction, every park, every restaurant and cruise destination..  as well as all of the planning articles, reviews and our very own Our Laughing Place Travel service are available for review.

Of course, Alan and I still write Disney reviews, too.  What we really enjoy, though, is reading what all you have to say; >)  Come on over and join us at at Disney Traveler Reviews

Animal Kingdom Lodge Concierge Review

Animal Kingdom Lodge, Concierge, Walt Disney World Resorts, Disney World, Walt Disney World
Our balcony view

“Come celebrate Africa!” is the motto of the Animal Kingdom Lodge and, indeed, from moment one enters the driveway up to the resort the ‘feel’ of an African landscape prevails in touches like lighting made to look like small fire pits and an ambiance of an African plain. In pure Disney style, the resort takes elements of African life and weaves them together in a colorful montage that is both lyrical and metaphorical in its ambiance. From the “thatched” round roofs to the herds of wild animals cavorting across the balcony edges, the Animal Kingdom Lodge sweeps the imagination into another culture of the World.

Our concierge service began weeks before our actual arrival with contact by a concierge castmember that offered to handle all of our arrangements. Continue reading Animal Kingdom Lodge Concierge Review

Rix Lounge at Walt Disney World

Disney dining, Disney entertainment, Coronado Springs ResortRix Lounge located at Walt Disney World’s Coronado Springs Resort (my favorite Moderate Resort), is becoming a wonderful new and trendy”hot spot” at the Walt Disney World.  Although the Walt Disney World Resort recently closed all of its nightclubs at Pleasure Island, in Downtown Disney, I think it’s important that people know that this location is a very appealing alternative. 

 The atmosphere and decor is what I would refer to as super-hip and sophisticated with throw-back touches here and there to the 70s.  With lots of cozy, inviting sitting areas, a nice size dance floor, and a dj spinning top 40 remix hits, it offers an atmosphere for those just wanting to relax with some friends, as well as an area to “get your groove on”.  Continue reading Rix Lounge at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Vacations through the years

Walt Disney World, Disney travel planning
Disney World – where the magic is real

I have a lot of people ask me what the BEST age would be for a family vacation to Walt Disney World. I thought it would be fun to share the highlights of my family’s vacations.

We started our first family trip when my twin boys were 2 years old. Most people thought that we had lost our minds! It actually ended up being a fun filled trip! (On this trip, as well as all to follow, we were accompanied by my parents.) The most important thing was to keep the kids happy and their bellies full. That was an easy task. With all of the character dining, we accomplished both, at the same time. Their favorite place to dine was Crystal Palace with Pooh and friends in the Magic Kingdom. The loved Eyeore and Piglet visiting the table. There was constant movement and noise to keep their attention. The SpectroMagic parade was another favorite. From their strollers, they loved watching the lights coming down Main Street. That year, Disney featured a special stage show with all of the afternoon cartoon characters. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time at that show. Continue reading Walt Disney World Vacations through the years