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Magic Kingdom’s Parking Lot Name Change in Walt Disney World!

Disney is changing the parking lot names at The Magic Kingdom inWalt Disney World .

Earlier this week, work began to split the parking lot into what will be two main sections, Disney “Heroes” and Disney “Villains,” and then smaller sections within each, including: Peter Pan, Aladdin, Woody, Simba, Mulan and Rapunzel (Disney Heroes lot), and Hook, Jafar, Zurg, Cruella, Scar, and Ursula (Disney Villains lot). Each lot also will have its own color.
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Walt Disney World Vacations through the years

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Disney World – where the magic is real

I have a lot of people ask me what the BEST age would be for a family vacation to Walt Disney World. I thought it would be fun to share the highlights of my family’s vacations.

We started our first family trip when my twin boys were 2 years old. Most people thought that we had lost our minds! It actually ended up being a fun filled trip! (On this trip, as well as all to follow, we were accompanied by my parents.) The most important thing was to keep the kids happy and their bellies full. That was an easy task. With all of the character dining, we accomplished both, at the same time. Their favorite place to dine was Crystal Palace with Pooh and friends in the Magic Kingdom. The loved Eyeore and Piglet visiting the table. There was constant movement and noise to keep their attention. The SpectroMagic parade was another favorite. From their strollers, they loved watching the lights coming down Main Street. That year, Disney featured a special stage show with all of the afternoon cartoon characters. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time at that show. Continue reading Walt Disney World Vacations through the years