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Got coffee?? Starbucks at Walt Disney World!

As some of you may have heard, Disney recently announced that Starbucks will now be readily available right inside two of Walt Disney World’s four theme parks.  The first will be located where the Main Street Bakery currently resides in the Magic Kingdom.  The second will be located at the Fountain View  Cafe in EPCOT.  The Main Street Bakery will close for refurbishment in January of 2013 and reopen in May of 2013.  The Fountain View Cafe will close in March of 2013 and reopen in July 2013. Continue reading Got coffee?? Starbucks at Walt Disney World!

Walt Disney World’s Exciting Tours of Epcot

As my series on tours continues, I will take you to the 2 parks within a park: EPCOT.  EPCOT, located in Walt Disney World, is a special place.  There is literally something for every age.  The young and young at heart, tend to opt for the Future World side.  The more seasoned (I guess it’s safe to say older, since I consider myself in that category) love the World Showcase.  Whichever you prefer, there is a tour for you! Continue reading Walt Disney World’s Exciting Tours of Epcot

Disney Interactive Queues Lots of Fun!

Disney Interactive Queues Dumbo the Flying ElephantThe newest area in Walt Disney World has the best queue.  It is an attraction that is both old and new.  It is a favorite among families all over the world.  It is Dumbo the Flying Elephant.  It is inside the NEW Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom.  You can find it in Circus Circus.  You might want to be prepared to have the most fun in the queue there. Disney interactive queues are the newest attraction within an attraction.  Disney has really come up with a great idea.  They have introduced interactive queues to several attractions.  These Disney interactive queues make waiting in line fun!  No one likes to wait in long lines to experience a Disney attraction.  You can make the wait a game.  Games are always fun!   This certainly will make children of all ages happy. Continue reading Disney Interactive Queues Lots of Fun!

Never been to Walt Disney World?

These past few days I have been remembering my best friend.                                                 He never got to experience Disney in a Park, on a Cruise or through an Adventure,  but he sure knew a lot about Disney Magic.  His name is Gus Gus — yes, after the mouse in Cinderella.  He never got to go because he is a dog.  He was a special dog that had a BIG personality.  He reminds me of Maximus from the movie Tangled. Continue reading Never been to Walt Disney World?

Amazing Disney Tours – Magic Kingdom

In my last edition, I shared information about the amazing tours at the Animal Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World Resort.  Today, we are going to head over to the most magical place on earth, Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park. Like the Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom offers some terrific tours.  I’m sure you’ll find one or two of them just perfect for yourself or someone you know! Continue reading Amazing Disney Tours – Magic Kingdom

Fantasyland Enchanted Beauty and the Beast

Enchanted Rose Mosaic FantasylandThe excitement is building!  The renovation of Fantasyland in Walt Disney World is half done.  Disney has added special touches to each new area.  Belle’s Village in Fantasyland is especially wonderful.

For instance, the Be Our Guest Restaurant is themed after the Beauty and the Beast movie.  The enchanted rose from the movie has been weaved into the artwork throughout the restaurant.  I wonder how many art forms the rose will appear in?  We can start looking for hidden roses like we look for hidden Mickeys.

Disney has lots of imaginative surprises ready for us in Belle’s Village in the new Fantasyland.  Join me as I explore some of the enchanted touches we will see.
Continue reading Fantasyland Enchanted Beauty and the Beast

Walt Disney World Resort ~ Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom

Back in March, while waiting in line for an attraction at the Magic Kingdom, I overheard some young men excitedly discussing a new Disney adventure game that they were involved in. Given the length of our wait, and their excitement, I simply had to be nosy inquire as to what they were talking about. It was the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game. Apparently, the social media networks were all a twitter about this interactive adventure card game. In February 2012, it was released in the beta testing stages. The fellow I talked to said he never expected to be sucked in by a Disney game when he began, but, by the time I talked to him, he was totally sucked in and having a blast. (Those may not have been his exact words, I am somewhat older than him and my memory is waning.)

So, just what is this game all about? I am intrigued! Continue reading Walt Disney World Resort ~ Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom

Adding Disney Magic To Birthday Celebrations!

Having spent this past weekend celebrating my youngest daughter’s 19th birthday, (I know right? I don’t look THAT old! Ha!) I was feeling nostalgic and began thinking of birthday’s past for all my daughters. Most of them had a Disney theme…and MANY of them were actually celebrated at Walt Disney World. The only thing better than celebrating a birthday is celebrating a birthday at Walt Disney World! You can count on having a day full of surprises, fun and that Disney magic that we have all come to know and love. Continue reading Adding Disney Magic To Birthday Celebrations!

Education Disney~Style – A Disney Field Trip

We have explored Disney vacation venues seeking the answer to my question, “Can a Disney vacation be an educational opportunity?” I think we can agree that there are most definitely educational opportunities to be found almost everywhere you go. And, while we are busy having fun and making memories with our families, we ARE learning all the time, without even knowing it’s happening. In my series, A Disney Field Trip, we’ve explored Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, and Aulani. Each vacation venue offers many of the same educational opportunities, and yet each offers so much more that is unique to that specific location. Continue reading Education Disney~Style – A Disney Field Trip

Walt Disney World Resort – A Disney Field Trip

When the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971, Walt Disney World became the culmination of its namesake’s dream – a place where families could play together, learn together and embrace the future. Back then, the “World” was only a small fraction of what we enjoy today. Now, the Magic Kingdom Park, the Contemporary and Polynesian resort hotels have been joined by Epcot, Hollywood Studios, the Animal Kingdom park and enough resorts to suit every taste and budget. Walt Disney World Resort is a veritable World unto itself covering some 43-square miles. And, around every corner, there is a learning opportunity!

Continue reading Walt Disney World Resort – A Disney Field Trip