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Taking my Nephew to Walt Disney World!

Disney travel planning, Disney travel agentWhen my Sister called and told me she was pregnant, the first words I said to her is “Now we have a kid to take to Walt Disney World!” The last child I went to Disney World with was her at age 6 – about 18 years ago. So, I am very excited to take my nephew to Walt Disney World next. He is due on February 1, and I have lots of Disney plans for his future.

Over past trips, I have seen kids faces light up as the castle comes into view and hearing those little giggles of joy always made me smile.  I’m not sure exactly when his first trip down Main Street USA will occur but it will be sooner than later and more often then most.

I think we will stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge so he can see the animals from the room.  We can go for the holidays, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and Trick or Treat at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Oh I can not wait!

I keep thinking, “Will he like this attraction or be afraid of it?” Continue reading Taking my Nephew to Walt Disney World!

Polynesian Magic At Walt Disney World

From the time I was a child, I would look across the lagoon from the Magic Kingdom, spot the Polynesian Resort, and daydream about staying there one day. In November of 2011, that dream came true. And when fate blessed us with a great discount, we were even able to stay on the concierge club level. And what a grand and magical adventure it was, too!

Upon arrival aboard Disney’s Magical Express, we were greeted by several cast members including a special one from concierge. Continue reading Polynesian Magic At Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Just Got More Fun to Navigate!

Walt Disney World, Disney travel planning, WDW transportation wizard, Our Laughing PlaceOver at Our Laughing Place we’ve been building Walt Disney World planning tools for almost 15 years!  Among them, the Resort Calculator where you can find resort pictures, reviews, virtual tours, and up-to-date rack rates to estimate cost; the Dining Guide for the best pictures and video clip reviews anywhere on the wide world web (as well as member reviews); and, of course, a premiere Travel Service with a concierge service that these testimonials reflect.  Our first and most used Walt Disney World planning tool, though, is the WDW Transportation Wizard.

And Mr Wizard just got BETTER!  We added an interactive feature so that users can thumbs up/thumbs down each route as well as give tips on the various routes for other users.  Can you imagine?! Continue reading Walt Disney World Just Got More Fun to Navigate!

Walt Disney World for Teens

Walt Disney World, Disney World, Disney World ResortsSo your teens thinks they have outgrown a Disney vacation? Well, tell them to think again! A family vacation to Walt Disney World offers so many unique opportunities for teens that your whole family will have the time of their lives!

Walt Disney World offers teens a safe environment to assert a bit of independence in a place they’ll never forget. The extensive transportation system within the Walt Disney World Resort allows teens to efficiently travel wherever they need to go to find the fun. Buses, monorails, boats, railroad and good old fashioned walking make getting around half the fun. Our Transportation Wizard will make getting around the resort a simple matter of plugging in your desired  location and destination  and following the directions.

Begin your vacation planning by choosing a resort with plenty to do right outside the doors. Continue reading Walt Disney World for Teens

Rix Lounge at Walt Disney World

Disney dining, Disney entertainment, Coronado Springs ResortRix Lounge located at Walt Disney World’s Coronado Springs Resort (my favorite Moderate Resort), is becoming a wonderful new and trendy”hot spot” at the Walt Disney World.  Although the Walt Disney World Resort recently closed all of its nightclubs at Pleasure Island, in Downtown Disney, I think it’s important that people know that this location is a very appealing alternative. 

 The atmosphere and decor is what I would refer to as super-hip and sophisticated with throw-back touches here and there to the 70s.  With lots of cozy, inviting sitting areas, a nice size dance floor, and a dj spinning top 40 remix hits, it offers an atmosphere for those just wanting to relax with some friends, as well as an area to “get your groove on”.  Continue reading Rix Lounge at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Vacations through the years

Walt Disney World, Disney travel planning
Disney World – where the magic is real

I have a lot of people ask me what the BEST age would be for a family vacation to Walt Disney World. I thought it would be fun to share the highlights of my family’s vacations.

We started our first family trip when my twin boys were 2 years old. Most people thought that we had lost our minds! It actually ended up being a fun filled trip! (On this trip, as well as all to follow, we were accompanied by my parents.) The most important thing was to keep the kids happy and their bellies full. That was an easy task. With all of the character dining, we accomplished both, at the same time. Their favorite place to dine was Crystal Palace with Pooh and friends in the Magic Kingdom. The loved Eyeore and Piglet visiting the table. There was constant movement and noise to keep their attention. The SpectroMagic parade was another favorite. From their strollers, they loved watching the lights coming down Main Street. That year, Disney featured a special stage show with all of the afternoon cartoon characters. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time at that show. Continue reading Walt Disney World Vacations through the years