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What’s Old is New Again! New Fall 2015 Disney Cruise Line Itineraries

DCL2015We’re thrilled to share exciting news with you! In fall 2015, Disney Cruise Line is returning to popular destinations and home ports for limited-time engagements. Two Hawai’i cruises, a return to the West Coast with departures from San Diego and a Galveston homecoming make up a season of special sailings. Continue reading What’s Old is New Again! New Fall 2015 Disney Cruise Line Itineraries

Making Magical Moments at Walt Disney World

Let’s face it…one of the main reasons to go to Walt Disney World is to experience magical moments.  Confirm or deny? Reading most guidebooks will offer an excellent description  of attractions in each Theme Park, and an entire visit to the World can easily be filled  attempting to experience what these books include…there is another layer of the World, however. It  is a world more subtle, and often overlooked by  those determined to ‘see’ all of the attractions.

It is a world where sparkling moments of magic appear  in the periphery of vision and beckon the imagination  into new vistas of possibility and opportunity.  It is a world where dreams do come true by wishing for them, and miracles really happen. It is The World of  Disney magic that calls us back again and again. Continue reading Making Magical Moments at Walt Disney World

Disney Cruise Line 2015 Summer Itineraries Are AMAZING!

FrozenSo just when you think Disney Cruise Line has a cruise for just about anywhere in the world you want to visit, they go and add even MORE amazing destinations.  And these new itineraries are nothing short of spectacular.  So come along with me while I give you a cyber tour of the new cruises available for summer 2015.

Our first stop is the Norwegian Fjords.  With the release of Disney’s Frozen, it’s natural that Norway would be added into the Disney Cruise Line itineraries.  With 7 night, 9 night, and 11 night cruises available, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your vacation dreams to come true.  You’ll explore the splendor of Norway with exciting new ports as well as learn about Viking history.  You can even visit Iceland on the 11 night cruise!  The charm of Norway will steal your heart and live in your memory forever.DCL Norway

Next on our cyber tour is Northern Europe.  Board the Disney Magic and sail the Baltic Sea.  You’ll explore the diverse cultures of Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and St. Petersburg.  Plus there’ll be lots of magic and surprises along the way.  These cruises are available in 7 night and 12 night options.  You’ll see this part of the world in a way only Disney can show you.

Here are the specifics: Continue reading Disney Cruise Line 2015 Summer Itineraries Are AMAZING!

Disney Magic Your Way Tickets Work!

Disney Dining Vacation Magic Your WayWhen you plan your Walt Disney World vacation lots of people will be ready to give you their best travel tips. Some of those tips might work for your family.  Some of those tips might not work.  Every family is unique. The Disney magic starts when you realize you can create your own special unique vacation.  The Disney Magic Your Way Vacation Package makes it easy.  If you use a specialized Disney vacation planner it will be even easier.  This type of travel agent has learned how to get to know each family.  We love to make each vacation unique and special.  Disney has given us great tools. They have fine tuned the Disney Magic Your Way Package details over the years.  Let’s take a look at what you can expect from this package. Continue reading Disney Magic Your Way Tickets Work!

Disney News By Air and By Sea!

Disney News Sorcerer Mickey Plane West JetDid you see Sorcerer Mickey flying high in the sky today? There is a new WestJet plane design in the Disney news this week.   The design features our favorite Mouse!  It is named the Magic Plane.   The newly themed Sorcerer Mickey jet took to the air today for the first time.  It was flying to Walt Disney World.  This amazing plane was refitted inside with seats that  have pixie dust on the head rest.  They look very comfortable.  Each passenger will be served cookies shaped like Disney characters. The Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 series aircraft was custom painted on the outside.  It features 36 different colors. The job took teams of workers, that worked around the clock, almost a  month to complete.  After the inaugural flight today the plane will fly throughout WestJet’s domestic, trans-border and international network.  Maybe it will  fly over your neighborhood. Continue reading Disney News By Air and By Sea!

Disney World My Magic+ Delays

Disney World Disney News My Disney ExperienceHas the Disney My Magic+  system been delayed?  The system that introduced My Disney Experience to Disney guests may seem slightly behind schedule. There were some Disney executives that had voiced hope to see it fully rolled out by the end of the fiscal year of 2013.  That did not happen.  The system remains in the beta testing phase.   Disney has spend more on this project than the entire cost to build Cars Land in California Adventure.  The initial expected cost was $600 million.  The cost now looks to be well over that.  This system has to be perfect and more time is needed.  The first Disney destination to get the My Magic+ was Walt Disney World.  Disney spent more than 5 years getting the system ready.  In January of 2013 they  announced that it was being released.  In the Summer of 2013 the  Magic Bands started being given out to Disney World guests.  Guests seem to really like the convenience, but there were some issues. Continue reading Disney World My Magic+ Delays

Disney Cruise ~ Magic Ship With Deals!

Disney Cruise Out of Port of MiamiDo you love to Disney cruise?   You are probably as excited as I am about the Disney Cruise Line Magic being renovated!  The maiden voyage of the newly imagined Disney Magic will be this Fall from the Port of Miami. She arrived in Cadiz, Spain for her makeover last weekend.    As quickly as she got Disney Cruise Line Magic Under Renovationsettled into dry dock the work has begun.  Disney reports that there are well over 500 projects to be completed on this amazing renovation.  Work is being done around the clock.  There are shifts of people that will continue to work until the Disney Magic’s re-imagining is complete.  The renovation of the Disney Magic is one of the biggest ever performed in the cruise industry.  Disney is cutting edge, as always. Continue reading Disney Cruise ~ Magic Ship With Deals!

Disney RUMOR! Fast Pass Restrictions

Disney Rumor Disney World Resort BenefitsThere is a big Disney rumor running around today about  Disney’s Fast Pass system.  We all know that Disney has been rolling out the My Disney Experience and Magic Bands.    I can confirm that if you do not want to wear a Magic Band you will have the option to have a Key to the World Card.  I know lots of folks do not care for wearing a band.  Get ready, folks!  This has all been a prelude to the biggest deal of all!  Disney RUMOR ALERT!  This is not official Disney news.  This is all about a Disney rumor.  When Disney actually makes an announcement I will let you know.  The Disney rumor is that Disney will be changing the Fast Pass system completely.  They will only be allowing Disney Resort guests in Walt Disney World to use the Fast Pass system.  Whether you choose your Fast Passes before you arrive, or choose them while you are there, you will have to be a Walt Disney World Resort guest to obtain Fast Passes.  Let’s have a look at each sub-rumor in the Fast Pass Rumor. Continue reading Disney RUMOR! Fast Pass Restrictions

Disney Magic Bands ~ Fast Passes!

Disney Magic Bands Welcome to My Disney ExperienceI check My Disney Experience every day.  Today it told me I have 19 days until my Disney magical vacation in Walt Disney World!  It shows Mickey Ears with my initial on them!  All of my Fast Passes are listed.  These Fast Passes are connected to my Disney Magic Bands.  The My Disney Experience is the vehicle you will use to pre-arrange Fast Passes.  This is going to be a fantastic perk for planners.   I am having the most fun with arranging my Fast Passes!  I am allowed three days of Fast Passes.  You will be allowed to choose attractions from one park for each day you have Disney Magic Bands Fast Pass Theme Parkstickets. We decided to do two days at Magic Kingdom and one day at Hollywood StudiosMagic Kingdom seems to have higher crowds lately and I want to be sure I experience my favorite attractions there.  I found some fun ways to work with the times on the Fast Passes.  You do not have to keep what you are first given.  There are a few ways to fine tune your Fast Passes.  This will be helpful if you are working around dining times already arranged. Continue reading Disney Magic Bands ~ Fast Passes!

My Disney Experience ~ Magic Bands

Disney Magic Bands Beta TestDisney has been getting ready to roll out their Magic Bands in Walt Disney World.  They have been playing with RFID technology for a few years now.  The concept of an armband that would access all kinds of vacation experiences for the guests has been long talked about.  The Magic Bands do an amazing job of that.  Our  Laughing Place Travel has had several clients beta test the Magic Bands.  I have found my clients have enjoyed taking part in the test.  They were excited to try Magic Bands.  I found the system worked well for most people.  Even folks that were not as computer savvy were able to work with the online program to access their Magic Bands.  To access Disney Magic Bands you will need a Disney log on.  You will also need to access My Disney Experience. Continue reading My Disney Experience ~ Magic Bands