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Disney News By Air and By Sea!

Disney News Sorcerer Mickey Plane West JetDid you see Sorcerer Mickey flying high in the sky today? There is a new WestJet plane design in the Disney news this week.   The design features our favorite Mouse!  It is named the Magic Plane.   The newly themed Sorcerer Mickey jet took to the air today for the first time.  It was flying to Walt Disney World.  This amazing plane was refitted inside with seats that  have pixie dust on the head rest.  They look very comfortable.  Each passenger will be served cookies shaped like Disney characters. The Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 series aircraft was custom painted on the outside.  It features 36 different colors. The job took teams of workers, that worked around the clock, almost a  month to complete.  After the inaugural flight today the plane will fly throughout WestJet’s domestic, trans-border and international network.  Maybe it will  fly over your neighborhood. Continue reading Disney News By Air and By Sea!

Disney Cruise Royal Tea on the Fantasy

Disney Cruise Line Royal TeaDisney Cruise Line has introduced Royal Tea on the Disney Fantasy.  This wonderful family friendly tea will make you feel like royalty.  Young knights and princesses will enjoy this experience.  You will find this to be a special memory from your Disney cruise.  Your little prince or princess will have the chance to interact with the Disney princesses at this tea.  The Royal Tea takes play in the Royal Court Dining Room on the Disney Fantasy.  For one adult and one child to attend the cost is $279.00.  If you add a second child the additional cost for the second child will be $210.00.  If you add on a second adult the second adult’s cost will be $89.00.  This special event cannot be booked ahead of time.  It has to be booked onboard the ship. Continue reading Disney Cruise Royal Tea on the Fantasy

Remy Disney Cruise Champagne Brunch

Remy on Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy Champagne BrunchDisney Cruise Line will be serving a Champagne Brunch in Remy.  The brunch will be offered on sailings that are 4 or more nights long.  Attire for brunch at Remy is dressy.  Men do not have to wear a jacket.  It will cost $50.00 per person to experience the amazing brunch cuisine at Remy.  The brunch will last one and one half hours.  You will start will a glass of French champagne.  Remy does offer an optional champagne pairing for $25.00 per person.  The optional pairing comes with Taittinger Prestige Cuvée Rosé, Pommery Gold and Moët & Chandon Ice.  The menu sounds delicous! Continue reading Remy Disney Cruise Champagne Brunch

Halloween Fun Disney Cruise Style!

Disney Cruise Line Halloween with Mickey and Minnie in costume.Looking for a different way to scare up some Disney fun this Halloween? Look no further than a Disney Cruise this year! The Halloween celebrations are going to be as spook-tacular as they are at the theme parks. From Disney characters in costume and frightfully fun Disney movies to haunted parties on deck and themed menu items like Witches Brew, Disney Cruise ships will be bewitched for Halloween. It’s time to eat, drink and be scary!

During late October, all Disney cruise ships transform into a ghoulish wonderland filled with hair-raising activities. There are special decorations, unique menu items in the restaurants, and themed dance parties on deck. The Halloween fun happens on a special day during every voyage setting sail in October.

Continue reading Halloween Fun Disney Cruise Style!

Book Adventures By Disney On The Disney Fantasy!

Once again Disney is making it even easier to plan your next vacation adventure. For a limited time, Disney is offering the availability to book an Adventures By Disney vacation while you are on board the Disney Fantasy. And, in true Disney style, they are even offering a 10% discount when you book your vacation while on the Fantasy. What does this mean to you? It means before you even end one vacation, you already have a future one in the works! Right now this is in the test phase and will be ending shortly, however, it’s entirely possible that this will become a regular option on the Fantasy as well as on Disney Cruise Line’s other ships. Continue reading Book Adventures By Disney On The Disney Fantasy!

“Animation Magic” in Fantasy’s Animator’s Palate is Disney Magic at It’s Best!

Disney Cruise Line’s sister ships Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy are just like real life identical twins. Exactly the same on the outside, but different on the inside, two fabulous ships with unique characteristics that set them apart.

Disney Imagineers realized the need to create a unique experience for Disney guests sailing both ships. They set both ships atrium designs in the same era, yet in a different style. Disney Dream is art deco while Disney Fantasy is art nouveau. Similar, yet different! Continue reading “Animation Magic” in Fantasy’s Animator’s Palate is Disney Magic at It’s Best!

AquaDuck On The Disney Fantasy Is A Blast

Once upon a time, Donald Duck’s nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, dreamed up a fantastic water coaster in their madcap AquaLab. It was a water driven ride that blasted raft riding guests through translucent tubes out over the sea and all over the upper reaches of the Disney Fantasy. As the story goes, Uncle Donald was the first to test out the flume ride before it was completely finished. He flew out of the open pipeline and right into the ship’s forward funnel. His image is forever immortalized in 3-D with his rear extremities protruding out of the stack where he landed. Continue reading AquaDuck On The Disney Fantasy Is A Blast

Disney Cruise Line Embarkation and Debarkation Process

Disney Cruise Line, Disney travel agent, Disney FantasyI just returned from a 3 night cruise on the brand new Disney Fantasy.  Wow, what a beautiful ship!  As I was arriving at the port, I thought of all the steps and processes that guests must take in order to just board one of these Disney beauties, and I thought wouldn’t be a good idea to break down a few of the processes and also touch on the debarkation process as well to make it easier for people who haven’t cruised before… but might want to consider it; >) Continue reading Disney Cruise Line Embarkation and Debarkation Process

Daring Feats of Eats on The Disney Fantasy Cruise!

What is the first thing you think of when you think of a cruise? FOOD! Unlimited quantities of food. When ever I told someone I was going on a Disney Cruise, they would say, “No dieting on a cruise ship! You can eat 24 hours if you want! Make sure you get your fill!” And, of course, a Disney Cruise provides exactly that. Thus, this article is NOT about making wise food choices, but all about making DARING food choices! Continue reading Daring Feats of Eats on The Disney Fantasy Cruise!

The Disney Fantasy Preview Cruise! A Fantasy Cruise!

Disney Cruise OLP Travel FantasyThe Disney Cruise Line Fantasy; what can I say?  I am in love with this ship!  It is a Disney Fantasy cruise experience.  When I sailed on The Disney Dream I thought she was the most amazing ship ever; a Dream Cruise.  How could Disney Cruise Line imagineers plus that?  I was filled with anticipation to see the different things that Disney did to re-imagine what I perceived as the perfect cruise experience I had on the Dream.  Disney Cruise OLP Travel FantasyDisney imagineers are all about creating themed experiences, and all I could imagine was if they made the Dream ship a Dream cruise, what absolute Disney fantasy I would experience on the Disney Fantasy.  I was not disappointed, by any means.  After all the Disney vacation experiences I have had, I still found myself with the jaw dropping awe, as I explored the Disney Fantasy.  So, what impressed me most?  That would be a tough question, because I found myself saying several times, “I think this is my favorite part of the ship.”  Here are a couple of Disney Fantasy additions that impressed me.

Continue reading The Disney Fantasy Preview Cruise! A Fantasy Cruise!