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Disney News By Air and By Sea!

Disney News Sorcerer Mickey Plane West JetDid you see Sorcerer Mickey flying high in the sky today? There is a new WestJet plane design in the Disney news this week.   The design features our favorite Mouse!  It is named the Magic Plane.   The newly themed Sorcerer Mickey jet took to the air today for the first time.  It was flying to Walt Disney World.  This amazing plane was refitted inside with seats that  have pixie dust on the head rest.  They look very comfortable.  Each passenger will be served cookies shaped like Disney characters. The Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 series aircraft was custom painted on the outside.  It features 36 different colors. The job took teams of workers, that worked around the clock, almost a  month to complete.  After the inaugural flight today the plane will fly throughout WestJet’s domestic, trans-border and international network.  Maybe it will  fly over your neighborhood. Continue reading Disney News By Air and By Sea!