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Time to Plan a Walt Disney World Vacation


It’s the perfect time to plan a Walt Disney World vacation! Disney recently released discounts for this upcoming winter. The thought of Winter sends a chill down my spine, but being at Disney warms my heart. So leave the cold and snow behind and head to sunny Florida! And it doesn’t hurt to save a little money too! Continue reading Time to Plan a Walt Disney World Vacation

Walt Disney Visa Free Dining 2014 Dates

Walt Disney World free dining promotionIt’s almost Fall and, right on cue, Walt Disney World released their FREE dining dates for Disney Visa card holders in 2014. When Disney offers free dining, it’s my favorite time to visit. To be honest, the food tastes a bit better knowing it’s free!

Here are all of the yummy details:

Disney Visa Card Holders will be able to book beginning May 2, 2014* (with immediate deposit required on the Disney Visa.)

Numbers of rooms allocated for this discount are limited.

To receive free dining you must be purchase a resort package with a minimum of 3 night stay and 2 day park ticket.

Here are the travel arrival dates: Continue reading Walt Disney Visa Free Dining 2014 Dates

Disney Discounts ~ Current Pin Offers

Disney Discounts MailboxThere are good Walt Disney World discounts available right now for general public use.  They go right into June 2014.  The Disney discounts for pinned offers go all the way into early Fall 2014.  What is a pinned Disney discount?  The pinned offers are sent directly to targeted guests. They are not transferable.  Disney sends them to email addresses. These valuable Disney discounts can also be sent through the US Post Office.  The offer I got is pictured here.  Do you think you got an offer and can’t find the email or postcard?  You can call Disney at (407) 939-5277 and ask them about it. They can retrieve the pin number in their system for you if one is available.  The pin code offers for Walt Disney World travel are usually the best discounts available.  In fact, there is a free dining offer that is available for travel in January and February 2014.  These are dates that no longer have offers available for general public use.  It may be worth making that phone call if you are traveling soon. Continue reading Disney Discounts ~ Current Pin Offers

Disney World Spring Discount!

Disney World Discounts Flower and Garden FestivalAre you getting ready to plan your next Walt Disney World vacation?  Disney has released a new discount for Spring 2014 travel.  The International Flower and Garden Festival will be going on during this time frame.  This discount overlaps the dates of the previous Winter 2014 discount. There are actually some resorts offering a better deal with the Spring offer.  It gets a little tricky planning when discounts overlap.  That is why it is always good to book through a Disney specialized travel agent.  We check every deal against every active reservation. Continue reading Disney World Spring Discount!

Disney World Marathon ~ Spectators!

Disney World Marathon CourseThe Walt Disney World Marathon is coming up in January 2014.  This is a popular event for runners and spectators, too.  Are you going to be in Walt Disney World from January 8 through January 12, 2014?   There are still discounts available at the Walt Disney World Resorts.  If you are, you might run into some runners!  There are a few races.  The Official Disney Marathon is on January 12,  2014.  The race stars at 5:30 am.  This event is heavily attended by spectators and is really amazing to see.  If you find a good spot along the way you can cheer the runners on!  There are lots of options to just stop and watch as you are touring.  Disney also has some fun spectator packages. Continue reading Disney World Marathon ~ Spectators!

Disney Vacation Early Booking Savings?

Disney Vacation Disney Family Bonding OLP TravelAre you planning a Disney vacation in 2014?  I know I am.  If you are planning to travel to Walt Disney World after May of 2014 booking early could get you your best deal.  Disney has been smoothing out the system in place for introducing new rates. Every year the cost of tickets goes up. Every year the cost of dining goes up.  We also expect an increase in the resort room cost for our Disney vacation.  Disney found a way to introduce all annual increases and only have to change the package rates in the system once.  They release the increases one at a time. Once all the increases  are released the packages for the following year will come out.  Those packages will have the next year’s new resort, ticket and dining rates.  Once the packages for the next year come out the packages for the current year will show the increased ticket and dining costs. Continue reading Disney Vacation Early Booking Savings?

Disney Discounts 2014 Expert Help

Disney News Magical Room Discounts in Walt Disney WorldThe cost to take a family vacation just keeps getting higher and higher.  No matter where you go it costs a lot.  As a consumer I really do value getting the most out of my vacation dollar.  As a travel agent it is the most important thing to me.  I want my clients to have the best vacation ever without breaking the bank.  When I plan Walt Disney World vacations I always look for Disney discounts.   Disney certainly keeps me on my toes.  I would say if you aren’t savvy in how it all works, you need to use a travel agency that specializes in Disney travel.  It can be pretty confusing.  Right now there are three different types of discounts available for general public use for one time period in 2014.  This is not accounting for the pin codes that have been sent out for 2014.  There are two that I have seen.  The pin codes go into the early Fall of 2014.  Here are some tips on the latest Disney discounts. Continue reading Disney Discounts 2014 Expert Help

Disney Souvenirs ~ Disney World Favs!

Disney Souvenirs - Travel MugI just returned from a Disney vacation.  My husband and I traveled in September 2013.  As with every other Disney vacation we made sure to save room in our suitcases for the Disney souvenirs we would be getting.  I did not have any particular Disney souvneirs in mind.  Tim knew he wanted a travel mug.  He was on a mission from the moment we knew we were heading to Walt Disney World.  He was looking for a travel mug that had a lid that would not catch his mustache hairs in it.  This is apparently a problem with some travel mugs.  He was successful with the mug pictured here.  The lid screws on and is very secure.  For those of you with mustaches, it is the perfect travel mug.  Your mustache will not get caught in the lid.  It is not too big around.  This means it will fit nicely in most any spot in your car that is made to hold a cup.  He found it at the store at the Polynesian.  They are available at World of Disney in Downtown Disney, too.  I liked it so much that I bought a similar one with a different design.  It keeps my coffee nice and hot and I use it every day.  I also really like the feel of the handle.  It is sturdy and offers a nice grip. Continue reading Disney Souvenirs ~ Disney World Favs!

Disney World Packages ~ Extra Magic

Disney World  Packages Recreation Vouchers Senses SpaWalt Disney World Magic Your Way Disney Packages always come with extra magic.  This extra magic is in the form of discounts!  When you receive your travel documents you will find several vouchers that list the available recreation discounts.  Some of these are for relaxing.  Some of the discounts are for exciting experiences.  You might use the Disney Senses Spa discount voucher for 15% off most 50  minutes or greater services.  There are two spas to consider.  One is at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.  The other Senses is at Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa.  You can read more information and find the menu of available services here. Continue reading Disney World Packages ~ Extra Magic

Disney’s Q.S. Dining Offers Merchandise discounts

disney-west-entranceI have a couple of questions for you:  Are you heading to Walt Disney World between the dates June 25- August 6, 2013? Did you purchased Disney’s Quick Service meal plan with your package? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you can get a 20% merchandise discount by dining at specific quick service restaurants. The 20% discount can be used at certain merchandise locations from park opening until 1pm. There are exclusions to merchandise that can discounted, so be sure to check the details on the coupon. Seriously, what is better than eating and saving money on shopping for all of those gifts you ‘have’ to buy for friends and family back home? I know what’s better…buying gifts for yourself! Ha!! Continue reading Disney’s Q.S. Dining Offers Merchandise discounts