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Camp Minnie Mickey Closes January 6

Camp Minnie Mickey Christmas TreesDisney updated their official refurbishment list on December 23, 2013.  They have now listed when Camp Minnie Mickey in Animal Kingdom will be closing.  It closed on January 6, 2014.  The Festival of the Lion King show is located in Camp Minnie Mickey.  The last show in the current theatre was on January 5, 2014.  The show will be dark until the new theatre in Africa is finished.  The big draw to Camp Minnie  Mickey was Festival of the Lion King.  The area was built around that show.  The Disney characters that appeared there were always fun to visit with.  If you visited during the Christmas season you were in for a treat.  Camp Minnie Mickey was also known for the beautiful Disney character themed Christmas trees that adorned the area at Christmas time.  I am glad I collected lots of pictures of those trees. Continue reading Camp Minnie Mickey Closes January 6

Animal Kingdom Lion King Show Moving

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme ParkDisney made it official this week.  Walt Disney World’s newest theme park is going to be improved.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park will see changes in 2014.  The Festival of the Lion King at the theme park is getting a new home.   The area where the Festival of the Lion King is currently run is going to be the beginning of Avatar Land.  Camp Minnie Mickey will cease to exist.  Of course, we know that the area has been sitting for a long time waiting for something.  It was a fun area to visit with characters, but seemed to be wasted space.  The crowd flow was pretty awful there at times.  It would get very congested when the Festival of the Lion King show let out.  Disney will be changing all of that. Continue reading Animal Kingdom Lion King Show Moving

Disney Isn’t Just for Kids!-OLP Travel News & Views

I ran into a high school friend of mine in the grocery store yesterday.  I told her that we aDisney Cinderella Castle OLP Travelre hoping to head to Disney World this fall.  Her comment to me was, “Why would you go to Disney World?  You don’t have little kids.”  That got me thinking about this common misconception about Disney World.  Most folks think that the magic is only for small children… Well, I’m here to tell you: Disney World isn’t just for kids!  When you break down what is available at Disney World, you can find several “grown up” things to do.  Each park offers a variety of attractions that might be frightening or possibly boring to children.  That’s what makes the magic!  There is literally something for everyone. Continue reading Disney Isn’t Just for Kids!-OLP Travel News & Views

Walt Disney World Resort – Where Happily Ever After Begins!

Walt Disney World Resort may be one of the world’s most popular family attractions but it’s also home to some very romantic spots that are ideal for a marriage proposal. If you are looking to sweep your sweetheart off their feet, you can do it in true Disney style with a wedding proposal that’s staged around Cinderella’s Castle or at one of the upscale restaurants on the property. But, the romantic locations don’t stop there! Walt Disney World is also home to many other locations that can serve as a picture perfect setting for that magical moment.

When you’re ready to pop the question to someone special or maybe drop some hints for someone to pop the question TO you, Disney’s got you covered. Here are 10 places in Walt Disney World Resort that I find to be romantic venues for a marriage proposal or even to simply capture a romantic moment in your busy life with your better half. Continue reading Walt Disney World Resort – Where Happily Ever After Begins!