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Tammy understands how busy our lives can be and how important our vacations with friends and family are. Vacations are a time to reconnect and make special memories with those we love; a time to let our worries dissolve into laughter and smiles. With her love and knowledge of Disney, Tammy guides her clients through all of the vacation planning steps with helpful advice and her complete attention to detail. Her clients can relax in her well organized care and enjoy every step of the process. As your personal travel pixie, Tammy will work closely with you to see that you and yours have a "funtastic" vacation perfectly suited to you! Whatever your dreams may be! Tammy's earliest Disney memory is lying on the floor, in front of the family television awaiting the opening music of "The Wonderful World of Disney." When Tinkerbell's wand filled the screen with pixie dust, Tammy always wished upon the star for a trip to the Magic Kingdom. She made that first magical trip in 1978 for graduation. Since then, Tammy has traveled to the parks as a honeymooner, with toddlers, tweens, teens, young adults, friends, solo and most recently, as an empty nester with her husband. Ah, the circle of life! The natural progression of that lifelong love for all things Disney led her to become a Disney travel agent. Tammy is a proud graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge. She is also an industry trained travel agent with further training in both Universal Studios and SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment.

Disney Cruise Line High Sea Adventures From Galveston

What better place to start your high seas Disney Cruise Line adventure than in the very town whose first known European settler was a pirate? The cultured and debonair privateer, Jean Lafitte established the colony of Campeche on Galveston Island in 1817. Lafitte was forced to leave (burning the town behind him), and Galveston as we know it today grew out of the ashes.

Disney Cruise Line has announced Galveston, Texas as one of their newest ports of departure for the Disney Magic to the Western Caribbean. The first cruise out of Galveston is set to sail on September 22, 2012 for a 7 Night Western Caribbean adventure. The itinerary includes stops on Grand Cayman, Costa Maya, and Cozumel, Mexico. Continue reading Disney Cruise Line High Sea Adventures From Galveston

Get Your Geek On at the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival

For those of us thinking “Spring” this time of year, we can thank the Walt Disney World resort for bringing it to us early in the form of the Epcot 19th International Flower & Garden Festival which opens tomorrow, March 7, 2012. The Festival will run through May 20th, the very peak of spring! You can read in detail all about the Flower and Garden Festival here. And, if that’s not enough to excite you, those clever folks at Disney have added yet another dimension of fun to this years’ festival.

Brand new for 2012, Disney has created an interactive element to help you get more out of this year’s Flower & Garden Festival. You will be able to use your smartphone to access QR (Quick Response) codes to get more information regarding displays and also access a mobile site which contains everything you need to know about the festival.

Now here is where I go geeky on you to tell you little about QR codes. Continue reading Get Your Geek On at the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival

Walt Disney World Resorts Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

The “feast day of St. Patrick” has been observed in Ireland on March 17th for centuries. It really is a religious holiday to commemorate Saint Patrick. But, through the years it has become a secular celebration of Irish culture in general. And, on March 17th, it is said, “Everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick’s day!”

This year, Walt Disney World guests will be able to celebrate the luck o’ the Irish in a big festive way! Continue reading Walt Disney World Resorts Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

Disney Dole Whip Uncovered ~ Will Chill You To The Core!

Just past the entrance to Adventureland in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, is a cute little stand named “Aloha Isle”, you’ll find one of the coolest snacks in The World! The Dole Whip. A delicious, golden, tropical pineapple escape from the heat that will have you saying, “Ahhhhhh…” the moment you touch a spoonful to your lips.

So, just what IS a Dole Whip? Continue reading Disney Dole Whip Uncovered ~ Will Chill You To The Core!

Walt Disney World Carousel of Progress

We all have our traditions when we visit the Walt Disney World Resort. My family arrives at our resort a day before we are going to enter a theme park. We begin with our traditional Ice Cream for Dinner night. For us that means heading to Downtown Disney Marketplace and Ghiradelli Soda Fountain. After all, we’re on vacation! At Walt Disney World!

And, then, bright and early the very next morning, we ALWAYS start our theme park touring in the MagicKingdom, working our way around the park clockwise. No strategy here, it’s just what we do! Continue reading Walt Disney World Carousel of Progress

Disney Cruise Line Cruisin Into Summer Vacation, Disney Style

Whether you live in a temperate region or a chilly one, summer is only 4 months away! 134 days proper, give or take a few! Vacation dreams invade our every thought as we sweat away our winter fluff at the gym, trying to fit back into those warm weather clothes. Well, imagine this while you walk that treadmill: The quiet slap of waves, the smell of salt water in the air, starry nights as far as the eye can see without a single streetlight to break the spell. THIS is the magic of a Disney Cruise Line Vacation!

Disney Cruise Line offers a unique vacation experience that blends entertainment and adventure with comfort and convenience. You can visit a variety of destinations in a short period of time. And, you’ll only have to unpack once! Continue reading Disney Cruise Line Cruisin Into Summer Vacation, Disney Style

Walt Disney World for Teens

Walt Disney World, Disney World, Disney World ResortsSo your teens thinks they have outgrown a Disney vacation? Well, tell them to think again! A family vacation to Walt Disney World offers so many unique opportunities for teens that your whole family will have the time of their lives!

Walt Disney World offers teens a safe environment to assert a bit of independence in a place they’ll never forget. The extensive transportation system within the Walt Disney World Resort allows teens to efficiently travel wherever they need to go to find the fun. Buses, monorails, boats, railroad and good old fashioned walking make getting around half the fun. Our Transportation Wizard will make getting around the resort a simple matter of plugging in your desired  location and destination  and following the directions.

Begin your vacation planning by choosing a resort with plenty to do right outside the doors. Continue reading Walt Disney World for Teens