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Disney Cruise Royal Tea on the Fantasy

Disney Cruise Line Royal TeaDisney Cruise Line has introduced Royal Tea on the Disney Fantasy.  This wonderful family friendly tea will make you feel like royalty.  Young knights and princesses will enjoy this experience.  You will find this to be a special memory from your Disney cruise.  Your little prince or princess will have the chance to interact with the Disney princesses at this tea.  The Royal Tea takes play in the Royal Court Dining Room on the Disney Fantasy.  For one adult and one child to attend the cost is $279.00.  If you add a second child the additional cost for the second child will be $210.00.  If you add on a second adult the second adult’s cost will be $89.00.  This special event cannot be booked ahead of time.  It has to be booked onboard the ship. Continue reading Disney Cruise Royal Tea on the Fantasy

Disney Cruise Line Magic Dinner Show!

Disney Cruise Line Animator's PalateThe reimagined Disney Cruise Line Magic is offering a character experience with a dinner now.   This will be part of your dining experience at Animator’s Palate.  I thought the dining experience at Animator’s Palate on the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy was amazing.  The experience on the Disney Magic sounds like it has taken it one step beyond amazing.  Animator’s Palate is a dining room that is featured on every Disney Cruise Line ship.  It is considered their flagship restaurant.  Disney knows guests love this dining room.  The basic look is the same.  Disney took time to clean and dress the space up.  Guests will find animation-adorned walls.  Disney installed larger high-definition flat-screens.  They also updated furnishings.  One addition is the custom-built Mickey Mouse chairs. Continue reading Disney Cruise Line Magic Dinner Show!

Disney Cruise ~ Magic Ship With Deals!

Disney Cruise Out of Port of MiamiDo you love to Disney cruise?   You are probably as excited as I am about the Disney Cruise Line Magic being renovated!  The maiden voyage of the newly imagined Disney Magic will be this Fall from the Port of Miami. She arrived in Cadiz, Spain for her makeover last weekend.    As quickly as she got Disney Cruise Line Magic Under Renovationsettled into dry dock the work has begun.  Disney reports that there are well over 500 projects to be completed on this amazing renovation.  Work is being done around the clock.  There are shifts of people that will continue to work until the Disney Magic’s re-imagining is complete.  The renovation of the Disney Magic is one of the biggest ever performed in the cruise industry.  Disney is cutting edge, as always. Continue reading Disney Cruise ~ Magic Ship With Deals!

Disney Magic After Hours Adult Areas!

Disney Magic RenovationThe Disney Magic is getting ready for her big renovation.  She is still in the Mediterranean right now.  After the summer itineraries are completed she will sail to Cadiz, Spain.  That is where she will be in dry  dock.  The transformation will start on September 7, 2013.  It will be completed on October 10, 2013.   Disney Cruise Line has been teasing us with snippets of information about the renovation.  They released more details about the adult areas.  It looks like we can expect lots of night time fun on the Disney Magic. Continue reading Disney Magic After Hours Adult Areas!

Disney Cruise ~ Magic Fun For Kids!

Disney Cruise Line Magic Kids AreasThe plans for the renovation of the Disney Magic are moving along quite nicely.  Disney Cruise Line is being very imaginative.  I have talked about the adult areas.  I have also talked about the restaurants.  Today I am going to take a look at the children’s areas.  Disney Cruise Line sets the bar in the cruise line industry when it comes to entertaining our children.  I am very excited about the new children’s areas being built on the Disney Magic.  Disney has some fun surprises in store for the kids! Continue reading Disney Cruise ~ Magic Fun For Kids!

Cruisin Through The Holidays Disney Style!

Goofy ChristmasOk, let’s face it: I’m a HUGE holiday person. I get all giddy about the excitement, decorations, and fun surrounding all of the holidays. And my favorites are Halloween and Christmas. I’ve enjoyed both of these seasons at the Walt Disney World Resort. So what’s a girl to do if she wants a new and exciting holiday adventure? Go on a Disney cruise, of course! What’s that, you say? You didn’t know Disney Cruise Line offered special events for the holidays? Well, then you are in for some extra magical surprises! Come along with me while we explore some of the fun things happening for the Halloween and Christmas on select Disney Cruise Line ships.

DCL HalloweenWe’ll start with Halloween. I love all the spooky fun of Halloween and on the Disney Dream, you can enjoy lots of special, no so spooky but fun events. Here’s what you can expect if you cruise from Sept 22 – Oct 31 on the Disney Dream: Continue reading Cruisin Through The Holidays Disney Style!

Disney Magic ~ Fun New Dining

Disney Magic New Dining ExperiencesDisney has been releasing information about the renovation to the Disney Magic.  The new staterooms look wonderful.  There is a brand new Irish pub being added to the adult entertainment area.  It will be named O’Gill’s.  I have been watching for news about the restaurants on the Disney Magic.  I am not disappointed in what has been announced.  Disney Cruise Line is bringing new technology and new tastes to the Magic. Continue reading Disney Magic ~ Fun New Dining

Cruising? Disney Discounts News!

Cruising Disney Fantasy Stateroom 7056Are you cruising soon?  If the cruise line you chose is Disney Cruise Line your cruising experience will be extraordinary.  You may even be lucky enough to get a special offer from Disney Cruise Line!  Keep an eye on your email because Disney is sending out pin codes to cruising guests!  This is pretty exciting Disney news.  Disney Cruise Line has never sent pin codes out before.  What is the pin code for?  The pin code will offer you an upgraded stateroom for a small cost.  My understanding is that it will be a good deal.  If you get an email from Disney Cruise Line make sure to check it carefully.  If you see this offer you can call Disney.  If you are an OLP Travel client your travel agent will be happy to call once you get the pin and check the offer for you. Continue reading Cruising? Disney Discounts News!

Cruise Itineraries Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Itineraries ChangeDisney Cruise Line has been busy fine tuning their cruise itineraries.  I love the changes!  Guests will have more opportunities to sail out of Port Canaveral.  The cruise itineraries from Port Canaveral will be varied from 3 to 7 nights cruise itineraries.  These cruise itineraries will change starting on October 11, 2014.  Disney has really realigned things.  Here is a sampling of what the new cruise itineraries will be. Continue reading Cruise Itineraries Disney Cruise Line

Cruise Disney RUMOR and News!

Cruise Disney Magic, Wonder, Dream or FantasyI love to cruise Disney style.  It has become one of my favorite types of vacation.  There is one huge Disney Cruise Line rumor going around.  This is my news article for the week.  I would not want to report this rumor as news  today.  Even if I wanted to sing it from the mountaintop in The Sound of Music, I would not sing it as news.  It is a very exciting rumor!  If you love to cruise Disney this will get you pretty excited!  So, let’s get right to it.  Disney has a press event scheduled for April 25 and 26.  It is billed as a ‘Monstrous’ event.  There have been hints all across the board that Disney Cruise Line will be the top billed news.  If rumors are correct Disney Cruise Line will announce that two new ships will be built!  These two ships will be mid-size ships in comparison to the other four ships.  They will be bigger than the Magic and Wonder.  They will be smaller than the Dream and Fantasy.  They would be christened in 2015 and 2016.  Is it true?  I think it is.  I have not had a Disney cast member confirm it to me yet.  I have had clients who were on recent Disney trips that got plenty of hints from servers and other cast members on the ships.  So, keep an eye on the Disney news!  Maybe in the years to come when we cruise Disney we will have six ships to choose from. Continue reading Cruise Disney RUMOR and News!