Are You A Disney Expert?

Disney vacation, Disney travel agentIn a simpler time, being a Disney Expert meant knowing what time of years were the most crowded and how to score a Cinderella’s Royal Table breakfast reservation.  And those of us who remember those times…well, we would get Disney Expert status just based on longevity.  Ah, those were the days!

Now, with so many Disney venues, it’s a little more complicated.  Before Disney Cruise Line and Adventures By Disney came into the picture, it was enough to be either a long time Walt Disney World OR Disneyland oficionado.  No more.  Because all of the options require a detailed knowledge of factors that require a different kind of skill and knowledge to navigate.

For example, how are your internet and mobile device skills?  If you are going to Walt Disney World, they’d best be honed, because you will need them to get fastpasses.  And fastpasses are necessary these days if you intend to ride any of the big attractions.

disney travel agent, disney cruiseHow about cruising?  When there were two ships doing an itinerary in the same part of the world and from the same port, it wasn’t too difficult to figure out the ins and outs how to avoid hurricane season and pick the best time to add on a Disney World trip.  Now, there are itineraries for all over the world from a variety of ports (see: New Summer Itineraries for Summer 2016)  Again–if you want to be a Disney cruising expert, you’d best have some internet research skills to determine when and from where to cruise, right?

Adventures by Disney, Disney travel agentAdventures by Disney is practically it’s own brand–it’s so unique.  And some would say that the only way to become an expert with ABD is take multiple trips with multiple guides to learn how the Disney system of land touring works.  That is, indeed, one way to do it.  I know, because I did: Alan and Ahnalira do Adventures by Disney.  But, it’s not the only way.  It possible, using the internet again, to research reviews and cost comparisons between tours as well as each country’s culture and cuisine…that’s another way to become an expert.  But have you done it?

And, while Disneyland is still cozy in comparison to the other venues, it has it’s own special brand of expert:  the one who knows the inside scoop.  Scavenger hunts and group games.  Theme days.  The local crowd that frequents Disneyland makes the opportunity for magical fun even more creative.  The Disneyland experts know all about it.

It’s good to know that we can still enjoy the Disney experience without having to make the “expert standard,” right?  Disneyland doesn’t require pre-booked fastpasses…so go there if the MyDisneyExperience website is overwhelming.  And it is still possible to cruise from the coast of Florida and add on a Disney World stay. Whew!  It’s great to have choices!

Our Laughing Place Travel, Disney travel agentAnother choice, of course, is to contact an Our Laughing Place Travel pixie for help.  We make it our business to be Disney experts AND sprinklers of pixie dust… over one vacation at a time!