MyMagic+ Coming To Disney Cruise Line!

dclIn true Disney fashion, changes are coming to Disney Cruise Line.  And in even MORE true Disney fashion, they’re really exciting!  With the successes of MyMagicPlus including MagicBands and the positive feedback from guests about them, Disney is now making plans to add MyMagic+ including MagicBands to their Disney Cruise Line fleet.

A full release date has not been released yet, though they have been doing beta testing in recent months and guests have been very happy with the convenience and ease of the MagicBands.  Since it will take a lot of time to install readers and change the logistics on all the ships, I don’t look for a full release across the entire DCL fleet until sometime after 2015.

DCL MagicBandYou may be wondering how this will all work since DCL is so different from Walt Disney World.  There are a couple of ways that the MagicBands will be really helpful.  Since many DCL guests have combined their cruise vacation with a stay at Walt Disney World Resort, the same Magicband could be used for both.  This means check in at Port Canaveral could become even more streamlined since your information from your earlier WDW stay will still be connected to your MagicBand.  I still think you’ll have to provide your passport for all but closed loop cruises, though.  This hasn’t been specifically addressed, but since it’s federal regulation, I don’t see any changes happening there.

When on the ship, you will use your MagicBand as your door key as well as using it to pay for purchases at any of the ship’s merchandise locations.  I’m guessing it will also be usable at Castaway Cay, Disney’s own private island.  For other Ports of Call, you’ll still need other methods of payment for any merchandise or dining you may purchase while there.

Castaway Cay

As is always true with Disney, the only thing that doesn’t change is that there’s always something new on the horizon.  And this is just part of the fun and excitement that waits on the horizon for those planning future DCL adventures!  Want to know more about DCL?  Contact any of our Travel Pixies for even more details about the fun awaiting you on your next Disney Cruise Line adventure!