Sacred Valleys and Incan Cities–Adventures by Disney part 3

Today is day 4 of my Adventures by Disney trip to Peru, and this was kind of a preparation day–CIMG5734getting ready for the BIG day tomorrow to Machu Picchu.  A little hiking to get the blood flowing and muscles in shape.  High attitudes to get us adjusted to thin air.
Oh and let’s just say the bus ride is very interesting…wide roads are not common, and taking turns are often a little close for comfort but it’s an adventure, right?  The views were spectacular and breathtaking.  We were really in the middle of nowhere, and there was this great big hole in the earth… and we were looking right into it. 

We went to ruin of Moray (pictured above), an archaeological site where the main attractions are terraced, CIMG5739circular depressions.   Steps are built into the walls to get into the depressions.  They are 3 or 4 large stones sticking out of the wall and challenging to climb to say the least. But all your fellow adventures all help everyone out and you will make it down and up safe and sound.  You really do get to know your fellow travelers on these adventures and make friends for a lifetime.  Going down was much easier then going up.  We made it back and then cheered on our fellow adventures that they could do he same.  Everyone was exhausted, but we were not finished just yet.

Next we were back on the bus heading to theCIMG5756 Salt Pans of Maras.  Local families mine salt here, and you can hike down a trail into the Sacred Valley for a close view of the salt mines.  There is a small shopping area where you can get salt to take with you to enjoy.  Towards the end of the hike you get a look into a small community that shows you the lifestyles of the locals.

Lunch was back at the hotel.  We ordered from the menu, and it was included  I just love this.  There was an optional tour in the CIMG5724afternoon to visit a local artist or go horseback riding at the hotel.  We choose to relax in our own little cottage.  Dinner later this evening was also at the hotel and it began with Pisco Sour tasting for adults, and local fruit juices for junior adventures, a Peruvian cooking demonstration of delicious local specialties, and a create your own pizza.

Off to bed as we have an early morning and a long adventure day to Machu Picchu.

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