Sacred Valleys and Incan Cities–Adventures by Disney part 2

Today is day 3 of my Adventures by Disney trip to Peru, the day I was kind of dreading–me and getting wet are not exactly316 friends.  This was the day of river rafting on the Urubamba River (the beginning of the Amazon River) and then a visit to Ollantaytambo (imagine stairs going straight up in the side of a mountain.)

The day started out with breakfast at the hotel. It was a nice buffet and everyone LOVED the brownies.  I was fond of the little chocolate cookies..yum.  I am not much of a breakfast person, but I have learned you eat when there is food, because you are on Disney’s schedule not yours.  (You may be out of your normal eating schedule, but they really try to keep it to the normal hours.)  So I did a little croissant and o.j. pretty much every morning and a few cookies for snacking on the bus a little later.  Breakfast was also the time to get wifi in the main building before your day started to catch up with email and facebook ; >)

After breakfast we loaded into our 2 little buses for river rafting.  We were given wet suits, helmets and life jackets.  They separate you into boats of 8/6 and 4.  You are with a river guide who gives you some training tips:  what to do and what not to do.  The river was probably at most a class 2, but there was an area that was a class 5 and we were not going 211to attempt that.  We docked the rafts, and the ABD guests got out and walked a little ways, while the river guides went through the rapids by themselves and met us on the other side.  Thank you very much.  All safe and sound, we continued to our final destination–a camp to change into dry clothes and have some snacks that were waiting for us.  I didn’t get wet from the rapids…I got wet from the water battles with the other boats.  So do not let your doubts and fears get to you.  They say you only live once an–guess what?–I was on the Amazon River…well sort of 😛

Next up was lunch–the best food the entire trip is here!  Disney took us into town to Casa Huacatay for a buffet lunch and, me being the one who worried about what was going to be served at meal time in another country, started looking forward to trying new things and getting out of my comfort zone.  There was a variety of everything–chicken is the main dish usually and then, of course, potatoes in many different serving styles.  But the best is quinoa. and this time it was a salad…yes, I am still searching for the recipe.  Great lunch and then you get to work it off with a hike.

All I can say about this is–do the stairs. It is worth it!  Standing at the bottom and looking up. 335you have to prepare yourself.  Lots of stairs… but you can go at your own pace. and Disney does give breaks through out the climb.

It was another long day, and little cat naps on the bus were a thing that became a daily habit.  We headed back to the Sol y Luna Lodge and had a little break before dinner… so back to the main building for some wifi. Dinner was in the main dining room and we got to order off the main menu an–guess what?  It’s included in the ABD package. Awesome!

Checked emails and chatted on facebook one last time before bed as tomorrow is a new adventure.  Stay tuned…

PS Click here for part 1 of my trip report 😀

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  1. I love to know that not only does Disney set the bar high for comfort and quality, but for safety too! That they pre-checked the route before taking their guests? Awesome!

  2. That sounds great Christee. I’m so happy to hear that you stepped out of you comfort zone. I’m guessing those cookies were chocolate chip?

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