What’s Your Disney Vacation Style??

WDWsignWhen it comes to Walt Disney World vacations, I’ve learned that just about everyone has their own special ‘way’ of ‘doing Disney’.   And each ‘way’ has lots of different variations.  Plus, your vacation style of today may not be the same as it was 10 years ago or as it will be in another 10 years.  Sounds kind of complicated, right?  And you may be thinking, “This girl’s really reaching for a blog topic here.”  But, in truth, we really don’t think about our Disney vacation style unless someone mentions it.  And then, when they do, it can a lot of fun to really consider it and hear about other folks’ take on how THEY like to do their Disney trips.

I’m one of those folks who likes to categorize things.  I’ve put together some nice, basic categories that I think most of us can find a fit for ourselves.  Of course, there could be tons of subcategories to make of each one…but then I’d be writing a book, not a blog.  So we’ll stick to the broad categories.  😉

MKopeningWe’ll start with the COMMANDO style.  I am personally a part of this group.  I’m up at the crack of dawn, in the shower, and ready to head off for fuel (aka breakfast) and then to the parks before they even open.  After all, how could you possibly go to the Magic Kingdom without seeing the pre-opening show???  Seriously!  People actually do that??  And once the park is open we pretty much go non-stop all day long.  We head from attraction to attraction, being sure to catch all our favorites at least once.  There may be a break in there for a nice meal or ice cream, but otherwise it’s go, go, go.  At the end of the day we drag ourselves back to our Disney Resort Hotel and fall into bed.  Why?  Because tomorrow we’ll start all over again at a different park.

Secondly, there is the LEISURE group.  This group loves to really feel their Disney MickeyParadevacation.  They take a little more time to savor the smells and sounds of all that Disney has to offer.  They like the attractions, but also take time for things like people watching and enjoying parades.  A leisurely meal is ideal for them, especially if it’s by a window.  These folks can easily point out the hidden nooks and crannies that the ‘commando’ group will never notice.  They still enjoy all their favorite attractions, but they do it at a more leisurely pace and know that what they don’t see today, they’ll try to get to tomorrow…or next day.

The third group is the RELAXING style.  These folks take the word ‘vacation’ very much to heart.  They don’t want to go home more exhausted than when they left.  They probably won’t make it to any park openings because WDWhammockthey’ll be enjoying their comfy bed at their Disney Resort.  After coffee on their patio or balcony, they’ll dress and head to breakfast or brunch, then to their destination for the day.  Or maybe they’ll skip going to a theme park and enjoy some shopping at Downtown Disney or a dip in the themed pool at their resort.  Evening time may find them strolling the Boardwalk or enjoying fireworks at their favorite park.  And a spa treatment is certainly not out of the question, either.  That’s how the RELAXING style rolls.

So which one of these best fits YOU?  Don’t be shy, I really want to know!  Chances are you’ll be a variation of one of these three or maybe even a combination of two, if not all three, of them.  No matter what your Disney vacation style is, it’s what’s perfect for you.  And your favorite OLP Travel Pixie is ready to listen and learn about what makes your Disney experience magical to help you plan YOUR perfect Disney vacation!

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  1. I think I am probably a mix between the relaxing and the leisure group. I used to be commando all the way, but time–and a few horse riding accidents–have had their way with my body so I’m inclined to a more “leisurely pace” these days 😛

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