Planning! FastPass+ A Whole New World!

Planning Disney Vacation at HomeThe concept of planning your Disney itinerary ahead of time has stepped into a whole new world.  With the new My Disney Experience your entire vacation is presented to you online.  You can access maps, videos and other Disney planning tools easily.  You see your resort reservation details online on My Disney Experience right when you book your Disney vacation.  You order your Magic Bands through My Disney Experience. The Planning Tap Magic BandMagic Bands are colorful and lightweight.  You will use them a lot while you are in Walt Disney World.  No more juggling bags and kids at the door to your resort rooms.  Just a quick tap of the band and you can enter your room.  Tap your band to pay for food and merchandise.  You use the Magic Bands to access FastPass+ options, too.  FastPass+ is the best part about the My Disney Experience.

Planning Our Disney Vacation ~ No More Fast Pass Frustration

Disney Magic Bands Fast Passes Magic Kingdom Disney RumorDisney has changed how we get Fast Passes for their Walt Disney World theme parks. This change certainly affects your Disney planning.   Disney allows us to arrange Fast Passes before we leave home.  Is this a good thing?  I think it is a great concept. I enjoyed using the FastPass+ option for my last Disney vacation.  My family seemed to experience Fast Pass frustration with the old system.  We really are meanderers at heart.  Too much planning ahead can be stressful for us.  I was not sure the FastPass+ would  work for us.  I felt it would make me feel too planned.   What I found was that deciding on three attraction times for each day at one theme park is not over planning.  In fact, now my family gets to experience our favorite attractions easily.  Disney was even allowing four FastPass+  choices at Magic Kingdom when we traveled!

Planning a Disney Itinerary For Late Sleepers 

For my family of late sleepers FastPass+ means we now can experience some of the Disney attractions that we missed out on previously.  Here is what our daily Disney touring plan used to be.  We would try to get up early and get to the theme park as early as possible.  All of us would hurry to Planning Fast Pass Return Timesthe board that listed Fast Pass return times and decide on an attraction. Our daughter would take our theme park tickets and run to that attraction to get Fast Passes.  We would head to wherever we planned to spend time next and she would meet us after she got our Fast Passes.  The earlier you got there, the earlier your return time would be.  You may have noticed I said we try to get up early.  What very often happens with our family is that we like to sleep in a bit on vacation.  If you arrived at Magic Kingdom at 10:30 am chances were your Fast Pass return time for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad would be later afternoon.  It might even be near closing time.  Sometimes we ended up skipping favorites because the Fast Passes were all gone for the day.  FastPass+ is wonderful for late sleepers!  Now we schedule our favorites before we leave home and work our meandering itinerary style around those.

In my next article I am going to talk about how the new FastPass+ option affects crowd flow in Magic Kingdom.

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