Growing Knowledge At Disney’s Behind The Seeds Tour

behindtheseeds1After countless trips to Walt Disney World, I wanted to try something a little different on our most recent trip.  I’d always wanted to do a tour, but didn’t want to drop a lot of money only to discover that tours aren’t really my thing, if you know what I mean.  So, after doing some research, I settled on the Behind The Seeds tour in EPCOT‘s The Land pavilion.  I’d read both good and bad reviews of this tour, so I really did arrive not knowing what to expect.

Upon arrival, we were given name tags and our choice of marker color to write our name with.  The girl checking us in was very friendly and gave us a good feeling before we even began our tour.  At first, there was only my group of 3 and another couple, so I was expecting a small group.  However, right before we started, quite a few more folks showed up and there were even small children.  This surprised me, but they seemed like nice, calm children, so I wasn’t concerned.  When our tour guide arrived, I was very happy to see that he was just as friendly as the girl who checked us in, plus he was extremely knowledgeable.

Our tour began with a small lab type room where they had various diseased plants and were testing ways to use things like wasps to take care of the uninvited guests that were wreaking havoc on the plants.  Our guide then produced some vials of ladybugs to be released later in the tour.  They were given to the two little boys, my son who is not at all little at 18, and another older woman.  We continued on our tour.   hydroponics

The next area was about hydroponics.  This was REALLY interesting and, since this was where our guide worked daily, he was very in-depth with his information while still keeping it fun.  We were given a hydroponically grown cucumber to sample as well.  YUM!  We continued on to the various areas you see while on the Living with the Land boat ride.  It was really fun seeing everything up close.  Our guide was very good about giving plenty of time for questions.  The two little boys on the tour were full of questions and the guide was awesome about answering them as if they’d come from an adult.

tour picIf you’ve considered a tour before, but aren’t completely sold on the idea, I’d highly recommend the Behind The Seeds tour.  It’s a great, inexpensive way to try out a Disney tour.  Plus, it’s a lot of fun and you really do walk away with tons of new knowledge.  For me, I’m now sold!  I’ll be taking different tours on future trips to add new and exciting twists to our already magical Disney vacations.  Plus, Disney is always thinking up new tours to add, so really, my future touring options are endless!

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  1. It’s a fun and expensive option. Plus it isn’t very long (about 1 to 1 1/2 hours), so you can easily fit it into an EPCOT day. 🙂

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