Disney Interactive Queues Lots of Fun!

Disney Interactive Queues Dumbo the Flying ElephantThe newest area in Walt Disney World has the best queue.  It is an attraction that is both old and new.  It is a favorite among families all over the world.  It is Dumbo the Flying Elephant.  It is inside the NEW Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom.  You can find it in Circus Circus.  You might want to be prepared to have the most fun in the queue there. Disney interactive queues are the newest attraction within an attraction.  Disney has really come up with a great idea.  They have introduced interactive queues to several attractions.  These Disney interactive queues make waiting in line fun!  No one likes to wait in long lines to experience a Disney attraction.  You can make the wait a game.  Games are always fun!   This certainly will make children of all ages happy.

What are Disney Interactive Queues?

Disney Interactive Queues Organ at The Haunted MansionThe Disney interactive queues are fun!  While you wait in line you will experience a preview of the attraction.  You never know what  surprises will happen.  You can be sure that Disney interactive queues will be unique.  The very concept of interacting makes it personal.  There will be games.  There will be little gimmicks to make you laugh.  At The Haunted Mansion Disney interactive queue there is a haunted feeling.  You can expect some frightful sensory interaction at that queue.  Some of the Disney interactive queues have play areas for the little ones.  There are areas there where the parents can sit and relax.  That sounds like a winning combination!  Disney interactive queues are going to keep us entertained.

Where can I find Disney Interactive Queues?

Disney Interactive Queues Many Adventures of Winnie the PoohRight now there are a few attractions that have the Disney interactive queues.  They are located in Walt Disney World at Magic Kingdom.  Disney has experimented with them.  The experiments have been a complete success.  Families love having fun while they wait in line  The Disney interactive queues have filled a need.  The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh has an interactive queue.  Families have been known to not bother with Fast pass.  The queue is that much fun!  Disney interactive queues are spread around Magic Kingdom.  The Dumbo the Flying Elephant queue in Storybook Circus is interactive.  You can visit Frontierland to experience the interactive queue at The Haunted Mansion.  Disney has a new interactive queue coming.  It will be added to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!  I bet that will be exciting!

This is a video clip from Disney.   I think it gives a wonderful picture of what you can expect.

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