Fireworks Extravaganza – Wishes at the Magic Kingdom

Have you ever simply heard music that gave you goosebumps? I get them every time I am at Walt Disney World and view Wishes Nighttime Spectacular.

I can pretty much match Jiminy Cricket’s narration word for word as he hosts beloved Disney characters through a tale, set to a musical score that is synchronized to fireworks and special effects.  “Pretty, huh?”

“Where is the best place to view Wishes?” you ask. That is a great question. Wishes can be viewed through out the park.  Maybe take a specialty cruise on Bay Lake. They pipe the music through the boat’s speakers so you can clearly hear it out on the water. At Disney’s Magic Kingdom Resorts , the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian, you can relax and watch from the beaches as they pipe the soundtrack through the speakers.

If you are at the Contemporary Resort and time your dinner just right you can get a spectacular view from the California Grill.  There are also viewing decks at the Contemporary Resort. The 4th floor is open to everyone, but there is a private observation deck for California Grill dining guests if they choose to view Wishes from outside the restaurant.  Over at Bay Lake Tower, Disney Vacation Club members staying at the resort can go to the Top of the World Lounge and enjoy a private observation deck.

All the Magic Kingdom Resorts have theme park view rooms, where you can look out your own balcony or window, tune your TV in to the designated channel and have the soundtrack right there in the room with you.

If you want to get a glimpse of Tinkerbell flying from Cinderella’s Castle, for the best view, you will want to be right in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

I will confess that the Wishes soundtrack is on my iPhone play list and I listen to it all the time.  But nothing can compare to hearing it at the Magic Kingdom, standing right in front of the castle.  For those 10 minutes or so you have your very own fairytale unfolding right in front of you. ” Ooooohhhhh.” and “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh.” are heard all around you and the sound of giggling little kids makes you giggle yourself.  If this doesn’t make you believe that wishes can come true, I don’t know what can.

Make a wish!                                           

Dream a dream!

Cross your heart!

And your wish…..will….come…..true!


3 thoughts on “Fireworks Extravaganza – Wishes at the Magic Kingdom”

  1. I’m not a big person to stop and spend lots of time watching fireworks and parades, but Wishes truly is something special and totally magical!

  2. I love Wishes and I love that this article really invoked that Disney emotion in my heart, that sweet tug. I really did get a little tear in my eye… Thank you, Christee.

    Disney provides us such sweet family vacation traditions that it is so nice to be able to have an article like this remind me of that feeling when the lights in Magic Kingdom go down and everyone is focused on the castle and the fireworks.

  3. I love that you shared so many tips on where to view Wishes throughout the resorts. I’m wishin’ I was on the beach of the Polynesian watching the fireworks! Dreamin’ a dream and crossin’ my heart!

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