Orange Bird and Citrus Swirl Return to Disney World!

Disney OLP TravelIt is no secret to anyone who knows me that one of the things I love about Disney imagineering is the way they weave the past into the present; re-imagining old traditions and making them new traditions.  Walt Disney World is 40 years old, and to celebrate in style, Disney decided to bring the Orange Bird and Citrus Swirl Ice Cream  back to Walt Disney World!  This will make lots of people’s mouths start watering.

Disney OLP TravelThe delicious Citrus Swirl ice cream treat was available at the Sunshine Tree Terrace restaurant, in Adventureland in Magic Kingdom, when Walt Disney World first opened, but has been gone from the menu for about 25 years.  There was a knock off of the Citrus Swirl Ice Cream available for a while at the Aloha Isle, but it was not the original recipe.  The original recipe is used now.  It is available for purchase using a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan, too.

The Orange Bird was imagined in 1971, to introduce the Florida Citrus Growers’ sponsorship of the Walt Disney World version of Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room in Disneyland.  There was even an Orange Bird character in Magic Kingdom when he was first introduced.  Disney OLP TravelThe attraction at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World was known at that time as The Tropical Serenade and was hosted by José, Fritz, Michael and Pierre; the four crooning parrots who ushered in sophisticated Audio-Animatronics technology at California’s Disneyland in 1963 at The Enchanted Tiki Room.  If you are like me, you are already humming the song either Disney OLP Travelin your head, or out loud.  “Welcome to my magical hideaway, you lucky people you…”

As with most things in Walt Disney World that are new or re-imagined, the imagineers created new merchandise for us to purchase.  There are a few fun items that you will find on your next Walt Disney World trip.  Remember the Orange Bird sippy cup?  It is back and looks exactly the same as it did in 1971.

Disney OLP TravelAre you a collector of Mickey Ears?  We all know that the Disney imagineers have come up with lots of fun versions of Mickey Ears over the years.  I am pretty certain there are Mickey Ears for every Disney character that exists, and The Orange Bird is no different!   Disney artist Casey Jones created these really cute Orange Bird Mickey Ears; they are his first Mickey Ears creation, in fact.

Disney OLP TravelDisney pin collectors are also in luck!  Casey Jones, who is actually the creator of all the ideas behind the new Orange Bird merchandise, created a gorgeous pin to celebrate the return of the Orange Bird.  The pin comes in a nice little box and has a bit of the history of the Orange Bird with it.  This is a nice commemorative pin that truly celebrates the 40th anniversary of Walt Disney World in a unique way.

Disney OLP TravelOf course, there has to be a tee-shirt, right?  Disney did not forget that fact.  The newest tee-shirt to be introduced for purchase in Walt Disney World will delight you.  There are a couple of different styles that have the Orange Bird displayed on them.

These are bright and happy additions to Walt Disney World; the return of the Orange Bird and the Citrus Swirl Ice Cream.  Maybe they will decide to re-imagine the Orange Bird character; that would be very welcomed!

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4 thoughts on “Orange Bird and Citrus Swirl Return to Disney World!”

  1. I love birds. I love orange. I totally love Orange Bird! I wonder if they will make an Orange Bird antenna topper? I would love that so much, I’d marry it!

    Like you Francine, I also love how Disney continues to make everything old, new again. It is just another way Disney has of drawing families together by diminishing the barriers of time.

  2. Disney is very good at making old traditions into new tradtions, Tammy. They add a new twist to old ideas and it really is fun to watch it happen. Imagine the parent, or grandparent, who was there when WDW opened, and how wonderful it will be when they can share a Citrus Swirl ice cream with their children or grandchildren today.

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