Disney Cruise Line Cruisin Into Summer Vacation, Disney Style

Whether you live in a temperate region or a chilly one, summer is only 4 months away! 134 days proper, give or take a few! Vacation dreams invade our every thought as we sweat away our winter fluff at the gym, trying to fit back into those warm weather clothes. Well, imagine this while you walk that treadmill: The quiet slap of waves, the smell of salt water in the air, starry nights as far as the eye can see without a single streetlight to break the spell. THIS is the magic of a Disney Cruise Line Vacation!

Disney Cruise Line offers a unique vacation experience that blends entertainment and adventure with comfort and convenience. You can visit a variety of destinations in a short period of time. And, you’ll only have to unpack once!

Disney Cruise Line has selected the most stunning destinations—in the most exciting regions around the world—for cruises you and your family will always remember. You can choose from over a dozen itineraries including Europe, Alaska, Hawaii, theBahamas, the Caribbean, the Mexican Riviera, Atlantic/East Coast, Pacific/West Coast and even travel through the Panama Canal.  And, with 8 departure ports ,Galveston, Los Angeles, Miami, Port Canaveral, New York, Seattle, Barcelona and Vancouver, B.C., a Disney Cruise couldn’t get much more convenient.

Disney’s four cruise ships, Magic, Wonder, Dream and Fantasy are among the most spacious ships afloat. Staterooms are 25% larger on average than those found on non-Disney ships. Regardless of the price, category or location of your stateroom, you will find stylish decor, plenty of storge space and split bathrooms in most. There is even a “window” to the outside in the inside staterooms of the Disney Dream and Wonder! State-of-the-art, Magical Portholes, are wall-mounted monitors that display real-time video views from high-definition cameras outside the ship. You will be delighted to see beloved Disney characters, such as: Mr. Potato Head, Scuttle and Flounder appear in your window.

Disney Cruise ships have been called “Summer Camp” for everyone. There is such an array of entertainment, recreation, and enrichment opportunities you’ll be busy from sun-up until way past sun down. With kid’s programs open all day and well into the night, even Mom and Dad get a vacation. The only thing you won’t find on a Disney Cruise ship is a casino!

Cruises are famous for food – buffet breakfasts, brunches, snacks, pool-side lunches, high tea, elegant dinners, dessert buffets and room service! Disney is no different, you won’t be disappointed. Rotational dining is a wonderful feature unique to the Disney Cruise Line. Guests rotate through three restaurants dining in a different restaurant each evening, all the while keeping their same servers and tablemates. You’ll also enjoy 24/7 access to the free beverage station, offering soda, coffee, tea and water.

And, at the end of the day, whether your family has been together all day or each person on their own individual adventure, you can all come together in the evening for an on deck celebration of Disney proportions. Concluding with the only fireworks display at sea. Disney’s own, “Kiss Goodnight.”

Why not do something a little different this year? Get off that treadmill, pack your bags and set sail on the high seas this summer. A Disney Cruise vaacation is always the perfect fit for everyone!


3 thoughts on “Disney Cruise Line Cruisin Into Summer Vacation, Disney Style”

  1. The magic of Disney combined with the excitement and adventure of a cruise! Does it get any better than that?? And I LOVE that Disney ships was rated the top cruise line ships by Conde Naste Traveler as well! It just goes to show that Disney can make magic no matter WHAT the venue is!

  2. We cruised in August one year, and it was wonderful! The outside air was as hot, but inside the ship you stayed nice and cool. The summer breezes outside were so nice up on the top deck, with the wind blowing through your hair.

    Castaway Cay was super hot, but I took a raft and floated out in the water most of the day. It was like a slice of heaven.

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