Disney Dining – The Attraction That Spans EVERYTHING Disney

Where ever we enjoy a Disney Vacation, whether it’s a Disney Theme Park or a Disney Resort or a Disney Cruise, Disney Dining is one of our favorite parts of the adventure! And, of course, what makes the experience even more fun is doing video reviews that we can bring back to Our Laughing Place and share with you:)

Recently, we sailed on Disney’s newest cruise ship, the Disney Dream where we enjoyed one of their new restaurant ideas, The Enchanted Garden.

Disney dining, Disney Cruise Line, Enchanted GardenThe food was excellent! Everything – from the edamame served with the bread to the Beet “Carpaccio” appetizer to the exquisite sugar free mousse desserts just made me happy. Happier and happier as each course came. You can tell by the video clip review, that – by the end of the meal – we were happy-dancing!

We love doing video clip reviews at Our Laughing Place; if you’d like to see more come on over to our Disney Dining Guide.  If you have a request for a review we don’t have up yet, make a comment below; we’ll add it to the list.

One thought on “Disney Dining – The Attraction That Spans EVERYTHING Disney”

  1. I have always considered dining in Disney restaurants anywhere at all as a dining experience. The theming, the servers, the food; it is all geared toward whatever theme that restaurant has. This holds true for restaurants on Disney ships and in Disney parks.

    Now, I was there for the dining experience you wrote about, and I can say from my experience, it was beyond memorable!

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